Friday, June 21, 2013

Midsummer Madness at the Dog Park

We have got even more new pools at the park!

Charlotte is telling me important stuff about swimming.

James is telling me I can swim with Charlotte.

Ruka is about to jump in.

This new pool is shaped like a bone.

You can see I like it because I am jumping in it.

This is Atty and his noble reflection.

This is him and some watery water.

Charlotte is the Queen of the pool. She is in the big one

and in the little one.

She can put her nose underwater.

This is her and me and Baxter.

This is a picture James took of Charlotte.  It is funny.

This is me and my good friend Big. Did you notice I got a hair cut?

I hope you have a super weekend.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nothing about Me but Stuff from Foreign Parts

As you probably know, I do not travel a lot.  I have been to Joba's house three times but he does not live very far away.

So, now I am going to tell you some things I heard about that happen in Austria where I do not think I will go any time soon. For one thing they have ducks like here. Here is a picture of one.

This is a bird called a heron. It is looking for fish in the Stadtpark.

Now it has caught the fish.

You can see it going down its throat.

This is a HUNDZONE where there is a bit of grass, but not much.

A dog in the hundzone. You will notice that the dogs look the same as here.

This is a dog that looks a bit like Joba.

They also have horses.

This is an olden days picture of a dog that maybe is my cousin quite a lot of times removed.

This dog must be very important because he had his portrait painted in oils.

These puppies were on wall paper.

They also have statues of animals. This one is doing the 'leaning against' cat thing.

This one is scary.

This is the best dog in Austria. Her name is D'Ora and once she was bitten by a snake, but she is now better. Mum went for a walk with her on Sunday. I would probably be friends with her if I met her in real life.

This last picture is sort of a joke. The man does not notice that the dog is eating the sausage. Haha! The dog looks a bit like me and a bit like D'Ora. So you can tell that dogs do the same things all over the place.

Now we are getting back to normal.

I hope you are well.