Monday, August 31, 2009

I Return to the City

Jabby's Mom and Dad came home and he was happy.

Joba is smiling. I was not. I had to go home in the car.
We will not discuss this...

This is Dad taking me for a walk in the city.
Mum says the man with the hat looks like a picture of Walt Whitman.
How would I know?

Who did I see next to my house the very first day I was home?
How did you guess?

Bodi was pleased to see me. (He lives downstairs).

This is the first picture you have ever seen of Darcy.
She is very beautiful.

love from


Friday, August 28, 2009

The End of our Paddling Pool

I have got mud in my eye.
Our paddling pool is all squished and not fat because I bit it.
Mum does not know how to fix it.

So what am I going to do now?

I will have to fight Jabby for the rabbit again.
Yesterday he took the squeaker and the stuffing out.
Then I took some more stuffing out.

This is Lulu who lives across the street.
Yesterday we went to the nature preserve again.
Pretty soon I will go home to the city. Maybe I will not like
 it because there is no mud there, but Dad says
 people have been saying: "Where's Buster?"

I hope you are well.
love from Buster.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Country Life and Stuff that has been going on Round Here

Here is Joba on the back porch. 
Mum has propped the door open with a garden chair.
This is because we keep going in and out all the time.

Here is a  forest glade.
This is not stuff you put in the bathroom.
Me and Jabby were very glad(e) to be there.
This is a joke.

If you look really hard through the screen porch mesh,
you can see one of Fatty's skinny cousins from around here.
He is sneaking up on the house and casing the joint.

This is the rabbit I share with Joba.

When a boy in  high school football uniform came to the door last night,
 Mum gave him $20 for a book of coupons. 
This is to support the team.
She took it away from me.

When we were in the woods, we saw a tree with a face on it.
Mum added the red and black bits. It was better before.

I am still on vacation.
I hope you are well.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Thoughts on My Art

Some people have asked if there is art outside Manhattan.
My rely: Certainly!
This is the prototype for my temporary installation "Hole" 
When Mum saw this, she was so excited she rushed out and bought a fence.

Here I am conferring with my fellow artist
 and collaborator Professor Joba.
He is  listening carefully.
If he does not do what I say, I will bite him.

 "Hole #2"is underneath where the paddling pool was.

Sometimes, instead of helping me, Joba
 does his individual performance pieces
like "Amorphous Furry Blob."
 Mum documents his art as well as mine;
 I do not think this is strictly necessary.

This is us indoors.
This is not art: it is us both wanting the same stuffed rabbit.

I am having fun on my vacation.

Love from 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Me and Joba

This is Joba. He is named after the Yankees pitcher.
 We call him Jabby.

We are heading to the nature trail. 
I am bigger than him, but he can run faster.

The trees round here have stuff growing up them.
We do not have that where I live.

This is a plant I saw. 
Do you think it looks like my tail (if a bit of my tail was pink)?

Some times I get bored of digging in the garden
 and have to stop to itch myself.

love from


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weird Stuff and Camp Back Yard

This is a poster on 8th Avenue for some sort of floor. 
Mum says the picture looks like me.
But it is not me.

A lady with a dog near London Terrace.
She has blue nail polish.
This is another of the dogs whose hair fell off.

 IanDownTheHall is showing me a car.
This is in my house.

This is Ian reading me a book. 
We are on the street, but we feel comfortable anyway.

This is Camp Back Yard. This is my cousin Joba.
When we were driving here, we had to stop at
 a 'scenic overlook' so Mum could throw
 out some bath towels and stuff.
Going in the car upsets my stomach.
One day I will grow out of it.
I hope so anyway.

love from

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is a Science Diet truck. 
Imagine if they delivered all that to my house!
The dog in the truck is very big indeed. In fact he is a giant.
I bet he eats a lot of "Healthy Development".

A parcel came for me at my house.
 It was from the Ethical Pet Toy Company.
They sent me four presents.

A squirrel with two squeakers. I call it Fatty and bite it.
I have not broken it yet.

This is another of my presents. It is a tug thing. 
It has a water bottle in it and goes crunch crunch.
These toys are not as beautiful as my tweeting bird,
but they are safer.

Anyway, here is Knutty. He is going on vacation.
I am going on vacation to Joba's house.
I will let you know how I get on.

love from

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am a Gracious Host: Knut Comes to Tea

I am waiting for Knut to get to my house.

Mum had to sweep up a lot of my toys and art.

Then Knut arrived and I was glad to see him.

This is Knut eating an ice cube.
I let him pick up my wood sculpture, then I took it away again.
The humans had tea and cookies.  All we had was ice cubes.

This is the first dog who has been to my house except Buck.
We played for a while. Because we did not wreck the
 whole place, I will be allowed to have him over again.

love from

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been round the place looking at things and doing my art.

This is a big motorcycle called a Harley Davidson.
The owner was polishing it.

This is "Sports Section on Velvet"
It is either subtle or dull; either way, it is no more.

I do not know why I let Fatty be in my blog,
but she is quite a big part of my life. A bad part.

This is Knutty looking noble. 
He has got a lot of nose for such a little guy.

I am waiting for Dad outside the supermarket.
I think he is coming out soon.

Love from

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Green Market

When Dad picks me up outside the elevator door, I look silly.

Anyway, when we were buying peaches at Union Square Green Market,
I saw some dogs that did not have any fur on.
Only on their heads and tails. I have not seen this before.

Then I met a regular dog. He was 13. His dad asked Mum
 if I eat stuff off the ground. She said yes, when I get the chance.

Then I looked at the flowers.
We did not buy any.

This is me with my purple squeaking thing which looks like me.
When it rolled under the sofa, Dad said, thank heavens for that.
Later on Mum got it out.

love from