Sunday, November 17, 2013

Accessories: Style Tips by Buster

As you know, dogs are born with just fur. Some dogs get their hair cut. Some dogs do not.

Here you will notice that my tail is getting longer for the winter.

But it is not as long as Simon's tail.

This is another picture of it looking like a 'faux hawk' whatever that is.

This is Winston having his hoody put on. Red is good because you can notice it.

This is him with it on.

One of George's human relatives knitted his sweater.

Habibi thinks it is very stylish.

Here is Charlotte's costume from Halloween that I know you wanted to see. If you cannot tell, she was a sheep.

This is Oliver with his bandana that has his name on it that you can get made and they give the money for old dogs. I will find out and let you know in case you want one. (Note from Elizabeth:

These are some socks that I was sent in the mail. I think they would be very good for old dogs on shiny floors so they don't fall over, or if you have a bandage on. There are four socks so you can put them on all your paws at once. You can order them here.

This is me and Lucy waiting for a treat.

I think she likes me, but I like the treat better.

So that is all you need to know about fashion for now.