Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moth and Wren

A moth came in my house

so I decided to catch it.

I am studying it very hard.

Then it went on the studio window. When I caught it, I took it to my bed.
Then I spat it out because it tasted bad and it flew away.
That is what happened with the moth.

This is a dog called Wren that came to the park. 
Wrens are usually birds, but you never know nowadays.

She is a pretty nice sort of dog, like what my mum had when she was growing up.

This is her and me in the pool.

Enzo, Roxy and me let her be in our gang for the day.

I hope you are having fun too.



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friends and Family

This has been a busy week

 Knut has been over often. He likes to kiss people. That is something I do not do.

This is him looking pensive.

This is him and me playing.

My sister was over from England and we went to the park a lot.

She is asking me to come on the plane to England but then I would not be at my house.

Maybe Professor Joba would come over and I would not be there.

I like my house even when they make fun of me.




Monday, June 20, 2011

Funny Things

These are two dogs that work on a farm in England.
All they have to do is sit around.

The dog on the right is a lab. That is like the sort of dog Mum's friend Nancy did a picture of.

These are more labs in Nancy's pictures.

This is a dog called Roger who has a pet mouse.

This is a real life picture of Darcy which we took on Saturday.
Poor Darcy. I did not know whether to laugh or not.

Yesterday Henry came over and he got two brooms and started to sweep
the house and then he pushed his stroller around and then he pushed me off
my own bed. I suppose it was medium funny. Then he went home.

This is me today with my hair sticking up.
You are allowed to laugh. Now I am looking out of the window
to see if any of my friends are around.

I hope you have a good week.




Friday, June 17, 2011

Overdue and Fly Hunting

I have not been writing my blog because Mum has been in England
 and Dad does not do as much writing as she does.

Sometimes I was looking out of the window.

This is Keith a pigeon who lives outside Claud's house in London.
He does not know how to eat the bit of bread. I could have helped him.

This is a rabbit that I would have chased had I been there.
I was not there, so I did not.

Then Mum came back.

This morning we saw Zoe who was going in a car with Knutty somewhere
that I was not going.

She is a puppy.

Then they took me for a walk.

When we came home I was on the look out for flies.

I am pretty serious about this job.

I hope you have a nice weekend. It is raining here.




Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Haircuts and Things that Happen on the Street

Milo has had his hair cut

 and now he looks......

a lot more like me!

He has the same noble profile.

Darcy had her hair cut too

so Enzo had his picture taken with her.

The other day we met a family on the street
 and they said this is Shelby who had his picture in the blog
 when he was a puppy and now he is very big. Well, quite big.
I was very pleased to see him.

I was not quite so pleased to see this dog that a Chinese artist
 made because it is very big and I do not know what happened to his body

This morning we saw Arrow which was good.

I also checked my garden which is on the street by our house.
 No one has pooped in it or stolen anything lately. 




Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bad and Good

The day did not start out that great because

a mean cat looked at me

and then I saw that Pablo had stitches on his nose

so Ferdinand and Isabella had to guard him.

Then my friends turned up. This is Tyson

and Biggie, as usual

Gomez who I don't see so often nowadays

But best of all is Charlotte! This is her lying in the pool

I think she looks very happy, don't you?

I hope you have fun this weekend.



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some Thoughts About Gander and why Dogs are Different Colors

This is Gander

who likes the pool almost as much as I do.

This is me and Gander not talking to each other.

Then we did pretend fighting for a bit.

Then we stopped doing that and just stood around and I was thinking

That Gander is the same color as Hodges, but I look more like Gander, and then

a funny looking guy arrived who is black and white like Gander and Hodges, but

has got some brown in too. I think he looks a bit comical, 
and that is what I was thinking about, mostly.