Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Fall and Some Old Friends

As you know, it is my time of year.

That is because I am brown like the leaves that fall off the trees and like the ottoman I lie in when I do not have anything else to do.


you can see that me and Sid are the right colors

Baby Nisa is more like Halloween.

Gomez and Hodges were at the park today. Hodges is telling Gomez stuff.

Now they are in charge

and keeping watch over things.

Here is Gomez and Truman and Hodges and Buddah. I am on the back rock with Maggie. 

That is all for now. I hope you are well.




Saturday, September 22, 2012

It is Fall

I know it is fall because it is written on the window of the diner.

Other than that I have been a bit worried by all the leaves in the pool. I am worried that they will take our pools away.

There was a rare Knutty at the park sighting.

But the good thing about fall is the sticks. We all think so. Me and Sid

and Olive ( can you see Ruka?--I can !)

When your family do not give you enough to eat, it is good to know that there are sticks out there.

People have been asking for pictures of Olive. This is what she looks like.

Here is a picture of Milan smiling. He has not been in the blog for a bit.

Baxter, as per usual.

and me in case you forgot.




Saturday, September 15, 2012


I hope you remember Sid that I know from when I was a puppy. His house had to be fixed up so he stayed in another house. 

Now he is back. This is him and Big ignoring each other, not because they hate each other but because they are comfy.

Mum made this collage when she was bored on the subway. Mostly it is me and Sid and there is Atticus and Charlotte too.

I had to have a bath with medicated shampoo. Now I am cleaner.

This is my portrait that my mum made to send to my sister on her birthday. That is about it around here and it will soon be fall.




Saturday, September 1, 2012


Here are some pictures of my friends that you know: Benny, who has a new green collar.

My noble profile.

Professor Joba's noble profile.




Now some action shots.

Charlotte is a very fast runner, and when she runs she splashes water everywhere!

Me and Knutty are pretend fighting in my house.

When I am not fighting I am looking for food. This is me at the butcher shop.

This is me observing Dad putting butter on his muffin.

This is Knutty smiling at Mum when he was staying over.

I hope you have a super holiday weekend.