Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring, Maybe...

Can you believe it snowed yesterday?

I looked out of the window and saw

 it looked like Christmas, but it is not Christmas.

I had to wear my boots outside.

Now it is not quite so cold I have been to the park to hang out with Fowler

and Patrick.

This is me and Charlotte

and me and Oliver.

This is Milan and Elly. Milan wants to jump on Elly and they make him stop.

This is me and a cool dog that I met this morning.

She has three legs, but is nice and friendly. Mostly dogs have four legs.

This is a good picture of Charlotte looking beautiful.

This is me at home. You can tell I need my hair cut. I am very fuzzy.

This is my elephant having a drink. When it was very cold and boring, my family did things to amuse me.

This is me and Dad in the evenings.

If you do not have a dog and you need one, they sometimes put a truck on our street with dogs that need homes so you could get one there.*

Anyway, that is all that is going on around here and the sun is shining and I'm due to go out.

I hope you are having fun.