Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year and My Resolutions

I hope you had a good new year?
We did not do anything and I stayed home with my mum and dad like I usually do.

This year I am thinking that my resolutions will be:
1. To see my good friends often.
Here is Knutty.

He is with my dad

This is Knutty on our new sofa with his mum's arm.

This is Knutty at his house.

This is Jasper at my house. I let him lie on my bed.

I am on the other bed.

Here is Jasper and me on the same bed.

Here is me relaxing when I got my bed back when Jasper went home. You can see quite a lot of my toys like the lobster I got from Maine and the elephant I got from Alabama for Christmas.

The squeaker in the elephant is still in. This is the longest time I ever had a squeaker that worked. You never know.

These are some of my thoughts, but most of all it is to tell you to invite your friends over .
I hope you are having a good new year.

My second resolution is to try to eat more stuff when I can find it. I will let you know how I get on in case you want to know.