Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Have I Been Up To?

You may well ask, because I have not written much lately.

For one thing, it has been raining which you can tell because the fire hydrant is wet.

At home I have been modifying 'Lamby'.

She is pretty much finished.

When I go out I grub for food. Me and Knut go by where Pat the Crossing guard is.

Then she gives us treats.

That is pretty much all I have been doing lately.



Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Pup, an Old Dog and Gander

This is a puppy that me and Knut met. It is smaller than a shoe.

This is "Other" Skippy who was friends with Mum and Dad's Skippy
 back in the day. Maybe it was a long time ago before I was born. He goes out a little bit sometimes.

This is my pal Gander who comes over to play.

Yesterday we pulled the head off my pink rabbit.

Then we hung out on the day bed. Mum puts old sheets on it so we don't wreck it.
I have my own bed but Gander and I do not fit on it;  Knutty does.

This is me with my lamb. I think they forgot to put the old sheet down on top
of the modern bedding I do not care really one way or the other......

Below is a photo I got sent. This is Maggie.

She could come to visit if she lived near us.

I hope you have some friends over soon.



Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Post about Lala and Sid and Greed

This is Lala and Snowball in a shopping cart. Lala looks as if she is having a good time.
I never went in a shopping cart but I have been in some shops.

This is Lala being good because she wants something to eat.
She has got the 'good girl' pose right. That is Biggie in the lower corner.

This is Lala checking to see if there is any food stuck to the wall at the park.

This is Sid looking good so he gets a treat too.
Sid and Lala look like each other a bit.
There are no photos of me today because
there are too many already.


A note from Buster's scribe.
Buster got some free samples of Evermore Pet Food at the local pet shop which he loved---as he should have --  since it is made of super healthy human grade ingredients. The company is run by young people in Brooklyn.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Walter and Enzo and Green Collars

This is Walter who you know.
When he went on vacation he got on a roof. I do not know how.

This is Enzo who has a green collar same as I do.
This is me with my green collar and water coming out of my mouth.

Anyway, we are all friends at the park.
Enzo and Walter are waiting for someone to throw the ball.

Me and Enzo are waiting for the same thing.

Walter has a green collar too.
I think it is the fashion.



Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to Normal and SomeOther Pictures

This is me and Knut at my house. We are thinking of things to do.
This is Tweed at Dog Park. This was a picture I wanted to put in yesterday.  Mum has known Tweed since she was a puppy thirteen years ago. That is a long time.

This dog is maybe a dachshund/Rotweiller but no one knows for sure.

This is me smelling Molly's foot.

This is Darcy who you have seen before. That's all for now.
Have a good weekend.


ps. Mum read all the comments about the old dogs.
I like old dogs. From Buster.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old Dogs

I was out walking on 22nd Street when I met an old dog.
Her face has got white on it and her eyes have a bit of white in them.
I think she looks a bit like me. She is fourteen which is very old.

This is one of the oldest dogs at the park. He walks very very slowly.
In fact he just wanders about, but he knows when people bring treats.

This is us together.
There were more photos but the computer is messed up.

I am going to the park now.



Friday, September 3, 2010

Hole in Pizza Box: An Interpretation

This is Jasper and me 

on top of some cut out people.

This morning we walked past an art gallery.

It had art in it.

When I got home I worked on my latest piece 'homage au Patsy's Pizza for Adam Powell'

Sometimes artists do not get the recognition they deserve.

My work is currently on display near where we recycle things.
I will make some more art tomorrow.