Friday, July 31, 2009

The Tale of the Toy

I am sitting outside Petland discounts.
It is my best shop. They have Science Diet and toys and stuff for
 people who have who have fishes in their houses.

Because I have been good, Mum bought me a toy.
Dad is taking it out of the bag.

It is beautiful. It has yellow feet and goes "Tweet Tweet, Tweet.
It is the same colors as the beach towel on my chair.

I love it so much  I do not want anyone else to go near it.

Very soon I have got the stuffing out.
Then I got the tweeter out.

This is the tweeter near Mum's keys.
She was very mad.  She said, "Buster, a toy should last more than 20 minutes.
This tweeter is DANGEROUS."
She telephoned the toy company. She e-mailed the toy company. 
Mum does not often get mad.

Now my bird is dead.
Mum has put the tweeter somewhere. I heard it.

Note from Mum:
Avoid "Chirpies" plush dog toys sold under the "Ethical Products" (Bloomingfield) label.
There was a disclaimer "To ensure safety, your pet should be supervised when playing with toys."
The toy became dangerous within 20 minutes.
Had Buster eaten the wires etc etc........ I do not care to think.
No prizes for guessing where this item was manufactured.....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Me and Knut

My human brother, who is grown up, said there were not enough pictures
 of me on this blog lately. He phoned Mum.
So here is me lying  in the stream in DogPark.

This is a cat I saw in the pharmacy window.
It gave me a mean look like a lot of the cats round here.

This is me meeting a dog whose dad did not have him on a lead.
His dad was French, I think.
Yesterday I had my first playdate.
Mum met Knut's mum.
We went to DogPark.

Knut was one of the littlest ones there.
This is him and a big schnauzer.
Mum said I should play with him, but I played with some other 
big boys and ran round and round.

Knut met a girl.

I think he likes her like I liked Darcy.
Dad says when I get home from DogPark I am wild like a
juvenile delinquent.

Here I am biting tiger's leg.

Later I helped Dad. He was touching up the white paint.
Some of it is on my fur.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Fun and Strange People

These are some cool toys I would like.

Maybe I would bite the  beach balls.

Lots of ladies like dogs.
Mum says this lady has hair like

VittorioCarpaccio: Venetian Courtesans

a person from the olden days.....

...who had a dog like my friend Nico.

When we were at the dog park, another dog's mom said,
"Do not play in the water. I spent three hours grooming you."
I ask you! What is the point of the dog park if you don't get wet?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monsters Everywhere

This was good fun.
I was drinking from the fire hydrant.
There was lots of water.

 A small monster on 22nd Street
 had drunk a lot of Gatorade and was
trying to climb a tree.
He did not look really dangerous.

In the garden of the Half King lunch place, there was
an alligator under the pavement. He was old.
Mum put the eyes on it but she did not know how to put teeth.

This is a picture of a monster that eats too much.
He is painted on a car. Our friend Dan does not look like this.
He runs a lot.

This is my friend Tiberius.
He is not a monster.

love from


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Knut, Wet and My Poor Animals

Knut is better.
He was really sick and his jaw wouldn't open. Now he is better.
Maybe there was something wrong with his teeth.
My teeth are fine.

This is us welcoming Knut back.

My favorite place in the world.
There is  a brown leaf in the pool.
Mum says it reminds her of fall. Fall of what?
Or autumn. I have not ever seen that.

Anyway, the water tastes good.

This is me looking wild when I am being dried off.

I am hitting my toys.

 They look sad with their faces all bitten off.

Hint. Hint.

Love from


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me and Buck

This is Buck. He lives with IanDownTheHall.

This is me. My family is looking after Buck
until his family come home.

This is us waiting for the elevator.

This is us going in different directions on our walk.

This is us on different sides of a tree.

When we get home, I let Buck play in my house.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weird Food and Dog Park

This morning on our walk, I saw all this yummy food on
 24th Street. But when I got up close, it did not smell right.
It was pretend food. Mum said that was very odd; 
there are some weird people round here.
But mostly they are nice.

Some guys at Dog Park were very wild today.
They were fighting and fighting but not mean.

The little terrier was very tough. I fought him for a bit.

We both wanted the red ball.

I got it!

love from


Monday, July 13, 2009

A Good Sunday

 I am saying hello to my friend at the DogPark.

Here I am fighting with a lion that  Mum found in the basement.
Later on I took his nose off.

Maybe I will lick his blood.

In the afternoon I saw this weird thing at a street fair.
Maybe it was an alien.

Then I saw a dog in a stroller.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Sister

My sister was staying at my house.
She would tell me things.

Then I would sniff her nose.

Sometimes she and Mum would try to teach me things.

This is a portrait she took of me.

In this picture we are going for a walk.
This morning we all got up early, and she got in a taxi.
I am sad. I think I will lie down for a bit.

Love from