Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dogs Whose Name Begin with B

This is us at the park today. This is Bruno. 
He is not going to let any one have his blue ball.

 This is Bella. She is now grown up and lovely like Darcy.

This is the Bigster.
Bentley with the spotty tongue could have been in it
 but he was bad and had to go home early.

This is me with my leg growing out of my chin.
Sometimes photos are weird.

I will do another letter another day.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some Funny Things

This is my pink rabbit. It was meant to be indestructable. Haha!

This is Peekaboo. She is very small.

 I thought you might want to see Bentley's tongue. It is very special.
When he is hot it hangs out a lot.

There was a graduation around here. Someone tied balloons on the fence.
If you look very carefully you can see Knutty in the balloon!

This photo was taken on the telephone.
I do not have a blue mouth usually.

I hope you are well. 


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soccer and Me and Other Stuff

Lots of us like the pool.

We are water dogs.
You can see a picture of me playing soccer in the water here !
This is because it is the World Cup.

This looks like a good bookshop.

This is Fatty doing her Houdini imitation. I still do not like her.

This is Jasper who I do like. I let him bite my stick.

This is a dog Mum met on her bike ride. It is not me. You can tell by the collar .
Can you believe it?

Hope you are having fun.


Monday, June 14, 2010

I Go On A Visit

I went in the car to Tappan. Then we went for a walk and there was grass to play on.

This is Professor Joba inspecting the grass.

Then we ran round a lot.

You can tell this because our tongues are hanging out.

Then we played with Henry for a while. I think he was pleased to see me.

I helped him play in his bouncy thing off the door.
The next day we went home in the car.

I hope you had a good weekend too.




In reply to some people who have written to me.
I was not sick in the car! That is because I am now grown up.

Professor Joba is on leave from the Cern Institute where he heads a team studying Sub Nuclear Manifestations. He is currently doing dog activities like barking at the mailman and stuff.

Yes, Dexter, I know it! Now there is Henry, me and Joba 's stars do not shine as bright.
We lick him anyway.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big and Small Dogs, a Toy and Knutty

This is a new guy at the park.
His name is Shadow.

Everyone says he is Mini-Me. He is maybe half my size.

This is Oliver and he is very, very big. Maybe a hundred pounds.

He is like my friend Benny who is not big at all.
He is Giant-Benny.

This is a toy Mum got for Henry.
I am not allowed to have it.

This is a picture of Knutty on his rock.
People say: "Aw.......isn't he cute."
Mostly he is like Knutty.

This is another picture of all of us.
You can see me and Benny and Biggie and Ella.

It has been raining.



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Odds and Ends, My Big Stick and Looking at Things

Someone painted a picture of this purple  dog and it is in a window in Tappan. 

That is where Henry lives with Joba. In eleven days I will go there.

This cat looks at me a lot when I walk by. I think maybe it has evil intentions.

The stick that I am working on is so big you cannot see all of it.

You can tell I am pleased with it.

We went to a pet expo two weeks ago and saw lots of dogs. 
We saw CesarMilan in the distance. He is on TV. 
Then we saw dogs that have a pedigree and know they are super handsome. But they looked kind too.

 I do not have a pedigree,  but I have a noble profile.

I hope you are not too hot.