Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter and Some Other Things

As my human brother so famously said when he was my age (4). Parents are meant to take care of their children , not make fun of them...... Oh, well.....

The sun was shining this morning

so I am all back-lit and elegant.

Guess who came to the park after such a long time? Oskar that looks a bit like me if my legs were short.

He has got very handsome fur too.

This is Professor Joba that has got a lot of fur. 

This is Atty that does not

Jada is like Atty.

Guess what happened to Biggie? He had a wart off. He is now better and does not have a pink thing on his foot any more, you will be glad to hear.

The one with his mouth open is Baxter, the brown one is a puppy called Morris and the nose is Sergeant.

More Baxter and Morris

and more still.

This is Dotty that has started coming to the park

and Charlotte and Morris and Chloe who has got an 'up' hairstyle like me.

My toys are not in good shape. I hope I get some new ones soon.

I hope you are well and will have a 





Thursday, March 21, 2013

Old Friends

I expect you have been waiting to see a picture of my good friend Knutty. Well, here are three.

In this one you can see my nose too.

In this one he is looking down.

In this one he is looking up.

This is a good photo of Biggie.  He is still Big, but that is what he looks like. C'est la vie.

Here is his brother Buddah and Charlotte's rear end and Flash looking a bit concerned what Buddah is going to do next.

Flash has a lot of good expressions....

like Atticus does.

Here is me with my posse

and just me (with Olive and Charlotte in the background) and yes, I will get my hair cut when it gets warmer. But it does not get warmer round here and there is no sign of spring except some snowdrops that are flowers and snow drops out of the sky. Haha.

I hope it is warmer where you live and that you are having fun.




Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back to Normal and Some Things I have Heard About

They have come back from their vacation, which is a good thing.

Although I am a dog they left a KAT in charge of me. That is funny because she is called that when her name is really Kathleen.

This is Charlotte at the park yesterday.
Now I will tell you some things that happen abroad.*

There are donkeys that are made to work.

They have to stand in the street for a long time and do not have names. Just Mule or Donkey.

There are little birds like sparrows but they are called TWEIR.

There are big birds like RAMBO

and Michael.

This is a dog that looks a bit like Enzo.

This is a dog that looks pretty much like itself.

There are a lot of cats that like to sleep a lot.

I like to do that too.

So that is all you need to know about foreign places. I hope you are well and cheerful.