Friday, January 29, 2010

Stuff I Do When it Snows

Some boys do not get to go out, so they look out of the window instead.

I went to the park with Knutty.

This is Knutty's winter camoflage.

When the rocks have snow on them, we slide off.

Me and Milo always like the snow.
This is a movie of 
Knutty . It is 5 seconds long.
He is in the park when it is snowing.


Monday, January 25, 2010

I am Marblized and I Do Not Beat up Walter

I went to someone's house. This is me in their lobby. Can you see me?

When Knutty came over we pretended to fight.

Then we went to the park and played with Flash.

Today is Gomez's birthday. He is two.
It is raining so we will not go to the park.

This is me chasing Walter.

I did not beat him up.
 This is what I have been doing lately, in case you are interested.


ps. If you like cool pictures of dogs, you will like Nancy Schutt. She is an artist. Mum found her pictures on Sedona's blog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art and My Friends

Of late, my art career has languished.
The other afternoon I worked on Pizza Box, but my heart wasn't in it.
When spring comes I will get inspired again.

Knutty is feeling better. This is his Polar Bear imitation.

This is Knutty with a stick when we are going to the park.
I took the stick away from him but Mum made me give it back.

Flash has stood in front of Knutty.
He has cool ears.

This is Biggie and Millie. He loves her.

This movie of Knutty is only 3 seconds.....
so it is not too boring.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Better Weather

This is Cloe. She is nearly the same as
Gomez and Maximus that I wrote about before.

This is her and Gomez.

This is me beating up Walter.

This is Gomez and  Henry and me beating up Walter.

When I got home I felt tired and had a little lie-down.


ps. Do not be worried about Walter. He is fine. We were only playing.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gomez and other People

This is my friend Gomez. He was a baked potato for Halloween.
Guess what?

This is Maximus. He is like Gomez but very little.
 He should be called Minimus. Haha! I made a joke.
He comes to play with us too.

This is Fritz. He is old. When it is cold he wears all sorts of clothes.
His mum made his hat. I am lucky. My mum does not knit much.

This is a new puppy at our park. I cannot remember his name.
Mr. Boo, I think. I will let you know.

This is my friend Bruno behind the bench.

Now he is trying to bite Benny's ear.

They have still got decorations up at the butcher's shop.
I wanted to go in, but I was not allowed.

I hope you are well.

ps. I have been nominated for "Excellence in Pet Blogging". I do not know why.
Maybe if you vote for me, I will get a prize. Maybe the prize will be something to eat.
Mum says lots of the blogs on my sidebar are better than mine, and I am not to get too
stuck on myself.
Vote here for me anyway.
Thank you from Buster.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Stuff

This is me. I look funny.
Anyway, sometimes other people read my diary because I am famous.
A lady wrote to my mum. After she read about me she adopted a dog.

This is Maggie.
She looks just like me
She has the same boots as me!
She is the same fat as me. (45lbs).

She likes to lie on the sofa like me.
Maybe she is my long lost relative because she was adopted like me.

This is a bear Mum saw that  looks like Knutty.

This is a picture of me in Legos.
Adam made it from an app.
I do not know what an app is.

Hope you are having fun too.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to Normal

They are taking all the trees away.
They put them by the curb.

It is very cold, so sometimes my friends come over to play.
This is Bodhi and me waiting for our treats.

It is so cold sometimes it is only Mum and me at the dog park.

We play with a tennis ball.
Today there were more people.

Walter was there. He has got a new human brother called Will.
He is getting big.

On the way home Benny had to wait outside the coffee place.
They do not let dogs in food places.
They think we would eat stuff or pee on it.
I think we would too.

Hope you are having a good new year,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow Time

This are my friends in the snow.
They are Biggie and Flash and Benny.

Do you want to see something funny?
This is Benny with regular ears.

This is Benny with up ears.

This is Benny with one up and one down.

Biggie's mum made him wear his coat.

My mum made me wear boots. I look silly but I played anyway.


Note from Mum: silly boots prevent chemical 'ice-melt', used on sidewalks, from burning paws.
Photos 1-5 courtesy of Robert Valin.