Monday, February 16, 2015

A Very Long, Cold Winter. We get Cabin Fever.

I am depressed.

The weather is very bad and cold. It is the coldest of all the time I have been alive.

This is the paper and what it says is true.

So mostly I sit in my bed

or lie in Mum and Dad's bed

or sit on the sofa.

Then I look out of the window hoping so see someone I know.

I ask Dad if I can go out, but when I go out

all the snow is grubby

and ugly and icy.

Yesterday Knutty came over and he wasn't very cheerful either. On Valentine's day I saw Charlotte out of the window but we did not go for a walk together. It is going to snow again tomorrow. Mum says -   well, at least it isn't Boston.
I do not know or care about Boston.
I have never been there.

I am not having any great thoughts lately. Nor is my mum.

She made a cookie but she would not let me eat it because of the chocolate eyes.

I did not get to eat the cookie Margaret decorated either.

I hope you are having a better time than me.