Monday, August 16, 2010

My Haircut and Knutty Comes Back

When Mum sent her this photo, Claud said I was looking
'devilishly handsome' in this photo. This is probably true.

My tail was trimmed too. It looks as if I am going back
to school, but I am not going back to school, because I never went there.

Here are some young pups playing with me. I am teaching them stuff.

Mostly about paddling.....

and other pool things.

Guess what!

Knutty came back from his vacation. He came over for breakfast.
Here we are jumping up to see if we
are going to get any snacks.
We are not meant to jump up and damage the dining room furniture 


ps. I think the layout got messed up.


  1. Dear Buster, your tail is so neatly cut! I think I need to go to your hairdresser from now on =P

  2. Buster! You look handsome with your new haircut, but you know you shouldn't be eating off the table, bad manners! :) I still love you.

  3. Your haircut looks quite dashing! You could get into any school that you would want to!

    Good for you teaching those pups the "ropes" of the dog park!

    I like English Muffins for breakfast too!

  4. You are looking good Buster! August is a great time to have a pool.

  5. Buster...
    You are devilishly handsome ! I so agree.
    Your tail is beautifully cut.

    The Square Dogs got a summer fluff-up and look rather stylish too !

    cheers, parsnip
    woof, Watson and Hamish

  6. Hahameow, as usual your blog makes us smile! You would enjoy Pierro and Miles bloggie, since it has a lot of 'teaching' youngsters stuff on it right now!

  7. It wasn't so long ago that you were the pup needed to be taught things. And now look at you! I'll bet if you went to school you could be a teacher as well as a student.

  8. urf! Puppies drive me crazy- i say to them "grrrr" that is the only way they learn to not jump on me and take my toys. Winslow come over to play and we wished you were here- he is more your size and almost as handsome.
    I want to lick your face.

  9. So you went to the doggy day spa?

    Looks like fun...

  10. Buster!
    You look sooooo handsome with your new haircut!
    Your tail looks pawesome!
    Sure you had a yummy breakfast!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. you are absolutely a handsome devil!!
    I bet those young pups appreciate your advice

  12. That's the most beautiful tail I've ever seen. I think your hairdresser had fun doing it!

  13. You are devilishly handsome. I bet some of your students will get a crush on you. It is a good thing to pass on your knowledge.
    Your layout looks just fine.