Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Pup, an Old Dog and Gander

This is a puppy that me and Knut met. It is smaller than a shoe.

This is "Other" Skippy who was friends with Mum and Dad's Skippy
 back in the day. Maybe it was a long time ago before I was born. He goes out a little bit sometimes.

This is my pal Gander who comes over to play.

Yesterday we pulled the head off my pink rabbit.

Then we hung out on the day bed. Mum puts old sheets on it so we don't wreck it.
I have my own bed but Gander and I do not fit on it;  Knutty does.

This is me with my lamb. I think they forgot to put the old sheet down on top
of the modern bedding I do not care really one way or the other......

Below is a photo I got sent. This is Maggie.

She could come to visit if she lived near us.

I hope you have some friends over soon.




  1. Thanks for the nice visit Buster. Pink rabbits are very rare. Glad you bagged a real trophy!

  2. Hi buster, Poor pink rabbit. Is it normal for skippy to ride in a stroller? I have never seen that before!

  3. Buster, I am the star of our house because my picture is on your blog! THANK YOU! Many more people visit your blog than my Mama's (on which I can sometimes sneak!), so now I know I am famous. Yipee! My stoopid brother, Eddie, would be jealous if he had a clue. All he cares about is playinf keep-away with his stoopid toys (a fish and a 3-legged tiger) and finding a soft place to lie down.
    My mama is going to visit Aunt Jo next month and I am planning on pretending I'm a carry-on. I have been told I am too big, so I may go on a diet just so I could come and play with you (I like your pink rabbit!)

    Love, Maggie

  4. Hi Buster--I had a bad day today. I came home and saw you had posted on your blog and came by to visit--it sure cheered me up! Please keep writing!
    Your friend from Nevada-
    Mom to Pixie, Peanut, Piper and Molly

  5. oh my goodness! look at Other Skippy! isn't it interesting that you have a dog like that living near you too?!

    'ave a good weekend xox

  6. Poor pink rabbit... I hope the lamb does not suffer the same fate.

    Licks, hero

  7. Suzanne!
    Glad Maggie was happy to see her photo

  8. I love that 'other' Skippy has a stroller to ride around in

    you and Gander are very cute together

    Maggie is beautiful!!

  9. Oh, what a nice visit we had and we think doggies like visits with friends a whole lot more than cats it's fun for us to see! You are kinda rough on pink rabbits...and we had to smile about the 'dog proofing' sheets on the bed. Our Teri has given up on bedspreads in our house an now just uses nice microfiber blankies which are easy to wash and we don't snag them...

  10. Hello Buster!How nice to hear your news! It's great to have friends to play and have good company! Your friend Gander seems to have the ear upside down like our Hanna has all the time. Maggie looks very happy being your guest!
    You are always very beautiful!
    Hugs and licks from Nero
    Ps. Hanna, Foxi, Nelli and Teje send wishes to you

  11. sounds like a good dog day.

    Baxter is snoozing by the side as i write..

    Prams are great for the senior doggies...

  12. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.September 28, 2010 at 4:10 AM

    Hey! Maggie has a green collar too!

  13. Know what?
    I want to lick your face!