Monday, February 7, 2011

A Story about Chester and Knutty and an Arctic Adventure

Well, first there is a picture of a giraffe that Camille Bonini made. She is very artistic like me. 

I think she is splendid.

Knutty came to the park on Sunday. He has not been there for a bit.

Anyway, this is a funny story. Can you see Chester up high that is a puppy?
He likes Knut a lot.

This is Knut sitting on his mom's lap.

This is Chester. Then Knutty sat on my mom's lap and would not
play with Chester. Chester was so sad and bored he did not know what to do,
so he peed on my mom.  Everyone laughed and laughed. So did Mom!

 after that low comedy, I thought you needed a picture of my noble profile.

When we went home Knutty and me were being Arctic explorers

... then I sank.

That was my adventure yesterday.
I hope you had a good time too.





  1. Buster-

    I certainly hope your mom was wearing waterproof shoes!

  2. The Bonini giraffe IS splendid! Hehe on Chester's method of going from sad and bored to hilarity. Love all the photos of your fun friends. Thanks for taking us along on your day!

  3. what a funny coincidence!
    I took the cat (who is not mean) to the vet today and a dog peed on me in the waiting room
    I laughed and said it was OK

    I love your low comedy and all your photos

  4. Sorry Mom got peed on. Chester is still super cute though.

  5. Buster, thanks very much for my knitted hat. Your paws really can work the magic! See you soon

  6. Very exciting adventure !
    Your Mum is a nice person... puppies get confused sometimes.

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  7. Hi, Buster!
    The giraffe is pawesome!
    Thanks for sharing your adventure!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Awww..this made me laugh. I just adore Buster!! Cheers, Kathy

  9. Knut looks like he's poised and ready for action!

    And Chester does look like he's sorry for peeing on your mom (I'm glad to hear she has a great sense of humor)!

    I know how it feels to sink in the snow, I'm rather short myself! However, I don't look nearly as cute in the snow as you do...

  10. I chuckled at the the sentence contrasting low comedy and Buster's noble profile. Such a good example of what I love in your writing. What large drifts of snow . . . the colourful giraffe looks quite exotic juxtoposed against that landscape.

    I will show this to Camille . . . she will get a big kick out of it! xx

  11. That white stuff is swallowing you! I am frightened about it. Puppies can pee on anything because they are not smart yet like us bigger dogs.
    I have a new collar- I look like a pretty girl in it but I am not a pretty girl- I like it anyway, it keeps my license safe around my neck, just in case...I am not sure what that means but that is what my person said.
    I LOVE YOU- but not in a girl way...

  12. Yes, I agree, splendid giraffe!
    Love all photos, great as always.

    PS: Next week I will do a post about my and Flora's "virtual dogs friends" who loves to take a nap on Mom's bed and on the couch too. May I post a photo of Buster on couch?
    Please, let me know if I could do it. Thank you.

  13. Dear Buster,
    I'd like you to meet my friend Moose. I think you'd really really like him.

  14. Dear Buster,

    That was a good arctic adventure. I especially like the part where you sank. Chester peeing on your mom is pretty cool too.

    Happy Valentine's Day! xox

  15. If your mom can laff after getting pee'd on...she is a very good sport! We like your 'mountain climbing' photos!