Friday, August 5, 2011

End of Week Round Up

This is Biggie sitting on a rock.

He is on a diet which means he will get slimmer. Maybe.

Like most of us Sid thinks about food quite a lot.

Poor Lily is sitting in her bag because she had an operation. She is now better.

Milo has a new collar that is purple and a green thing that I do not know what it is.

Knut is back and he is smiling even though he is at the park
 which is not so exciting as the beach.

This is really weird. Mimo is running and having fun.

When we got home we found a picture that Dad did years ago
and it looks like Mimo and like a dog that was in books
for children at school a lot of time ago.

Then we met Dream Date Darcy on the street

and I am waiting to get a treat from her mum.
And this is pretty much what has been going on round here.




ps I hope you have a good weekend!


  1. Buster, I do miss seeing you in person, but am so glad to see what you and your friends are doing this summer.

    If Biggie really, really loses weight, will he get a new name, or will he learn about irony?

    Darcy. What would your dream date be?

    I like that picture that your dad made. Do you know if he has made a picture of you?

    Oh Buster, another question. Do you like ice cream, and if so, what is your favorite flavor?

    Best wishes.

  2. It is always so satisfying to hear about what has been going on. Thanks for the report Buster!

  3. dear buster,

    that green thing on milo is either

    A: gps collar
    B. outdoor electric dog fence device
    C: dog bark control device

    if milo likes to guard his turf, i'm betting C is the answer.

    please, ask mama to give you a good, loooong bellyrub.

  4. nice to see the world
    is proceeding as it should in your world.

    It is coat shedding time, and there is a layer of fur over everything, like grey snow.

  5. Buster -
    Of course Knut is happy to be at the dog park. I am sure that he missed his friends more than he enjoyed the beach!

  6. Little box on Milo must be for carrying an extra biscuit- I want one. We like the picture of a dog jumping for a ball that your person made. I want to lick it.

  7. I love Frances' comment about learning irony

    as for diets, humans have trouble with them too
    tell Biggie he is beautiful

    hugs Buster

  8. Aw, poor Biggie. Hopefully his mom (or dad) allows him to cheat once in awhile and gives him a treat. Diets are tough!

    And, I must say, you look very patient waiting for your treat!

  9. Gee, Buster,

    That's a lot going on. Poor Lilly! she looks worried but maybe it is just her look. Hope she is up and running around with the rest of the dogs son.

    By the way, I think your friend Frances is brilliant, irony or weight loss? Good luck to Biggie on his journey!

  10. Dear Buster,
    It's very nice to see you and your friends!
    Love the painting. Your Dad is very talented.
    Have a good week.

  11. Buster, do you know that you are the most handsome dog at the park? We think so at least.

    Also, we love your cardboard art in the post below. We do cardboard art too!

    <3 Biff and Sogna