Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Various Things I am Thinking About

 This is the cat in the window of Pet Central.

who is giving me a mean look like cats usually do.

This is Knutty pretending he owns a house that is not his. He is being the lord of the manor.

After a bit, I did not want to play that any more. 

This is a leaf photo that Mum put in because she has a lot
 of leaf photos and not much to do with them.

This is me looking color co-ordinated for the season.

You cannot see my nose because of the Virginia Creeper that thinks it is a poinsettia.

Another leaf.

Dad and me putting up with Mum taking photo of leaf.

Me eating it.

I have just had my lunch and it is raining.
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  1. Mr. Hercule Poirot, er.... Buster you are getting more handsome by the day !
    I like your Mum's leaf photos.

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  2. You are handsome in all Seasons,dear Buster, but I must say that fall suits you the best. Woof, you look fine!

    I am like your Mum, taking pictures of the leaves, picking up the leaves, saving the leaves until the turn crinckly and brown. It is also her season. Humor her.

  3. I love your feathers- I think that you could fly if you wanted to. My mum takes loads of photos of dirt and stuff- she makes me stand still while she does it- She squealed when she saw the video I think it was about the little boy, though.

  4. Buster, you and Knutty make great lords of the manor, but I can see how that would become boring quickly.

    I also went outside today, and took along my broken umbrella. It is still okay to use as long as the rain is light and the wind stays away.

    I saw lots of leaves. Most of them were little and yellow. Your mom found a good leaf to photograph. What did it taste like?

    Best wishes.

  5. I always like to stop by and see your smile and learn what you've been up to. Your feathery pants look very stylish for the cooler weather. It looks like you might use the leaf as material for your latest art project...or not.

  6. Hello Buster!
    Love your photo co-ordinated for the season.
    Knutty is cute too.
    Have a nice weekend you all.

  7. Knutty is Lord of the Manor
    and you are Lord of the Bench

    Mum's leaf photos are very pretty
    you must humor us humans Buster, we can't really chew on toys and roll around on grass so we need other activities

  8. You look like you were being patient putting up with your mom! Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  9. Hello there Buster! It's been sometime since I've been around. You mum loves Fall because it's a beautiful time of the year. Happy Thanksgiving.