Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Here are some pictures of my friends mostly from this morning.

This is Milo that you know.

This is Patrick that you know too.

There are two pictures of him because he is hard to take a good picture of.

This is Matilda that looks a lot like a mini Sid that I used to play with.

This is me and Charlotte trying to see if James has any treats.

This is Gretchen whose face is very round like

Harley who has a very round face too.

Today I went for my health check up, and you will be very glad to know that I am in excellent health and NOT FAT like Dad said I was.  Dr. Jaclyn said I wasn't. My check up cost seven hundred billion dollars, but since I do not have to pay for it, I did not mind. Tomorrow I get my hair cut and will send a photo.




  1. Yep... seven hundred billion dollars sound just about right.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Baby Gretchen is very sweet!
    Harley looks very much like a frog, but sweet, too.
    Looking forward to see your new haircut!
    Love from
    Gizmo and Beatrice

  3. If your bills are anything like my dogs- if your health check up is 700 billion dollars, your grooming bill will be 1400 billion dollars.

  4. That picture of Patrick made me stop breathing for a second. He looks so human somehow; maybe it's his eyes and expression.

    Yes, my Emma just cost me 700 billion dollars too, but she is worth EVERY penny and so are you, Buster!

  5. LMAO that's what dog checkups cost around here too! Gretchen is looking adorable!

  6. Uh-oh- my mom is loosing her cool over this post, squealing about that baby in there! And gasping at how patrick and milo look like her relatives from Norway...She is a mess right now...I am still grounded and since I just got back from a long walk to another park I am so chill! Glad the vet did not poke you with stuff! I think that it would be better to buy toys and biscuits instead of buying news from the vet that you already knew...We met a dog yesterday- a SHAR-Pei - vets love them, they are like throwing money down a hole those wrinkly dogs.

  7. For sure Buster, you are getting good value for seven hundred billion mate - can't wait to see your new 'hair-style'. Nice looking friends you have too!!
    "Woof" from 'The Team' in Oz.

  8. Excellent portraits! I am happy to hear you are very healthy Buster.

  9. Oh, good news on the doctor and your weight! Though, if feel for your family;doctors can get really expensive.

    You have some wonderful faces in your life, Buster. Lucky Dog!

  10. You know, if you divide that 700 billion by 365, your daily cost will seem like a bargain! Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  11. Hello Buster.

    It's great to know that you are absolutely, officially, in perfect health! Did you weigh the same amount this time as when you were last weighed? Some people seem to gain weight in the wintertime, particularly in December. I think that you enjoy running too much to ever gain weight.

    All the portraits of your friends are very fine. Gretchen looks very, very happy.

    Best wishes.

  12. only 700 billion for your check-up!!
    OY, that's a bargain

    your mum takes wonderful portraits
    and your friends are all beautiful subjects

    I jumped for a minute when the fur-less cutie came up but then I realized it was Gretchen!!
    a hooman!!
    they do sneak in there don't they

    you'll be pleased to know the baby hooman around here is torturing the cats with her voice and her running

    have a good haircut Buster

  13. Great photos dear Buster!
    I am so happy to hear you are very healthy!

  14. Hey hi! I love all of these, but no Ruka Berry??? What gives? ha!! xoLowell B