Wednesday, April 25, 2012

News Flash!

Charlotte has gone to jail!

photo james rubin

This is a picture of her behind bars! Hee Hee. This is a joke.

Anyway, this is most of us checking to see who is coming to our park. From left to right: Me, Enzo, Gally and Charlotte.

In case you are worried Charlotte is really in jail, here is a picture of her and Gally.

This is Gally shaking his head so he looks extra smart!

You have not seen Professor Joba for a while. That is because he is probably asleep at Bobby's house.

This morning I met Ian-Down-the-Hall when we were going to the park.

When we got there, there were a lot of sticks that the wind had blown down. Kirby has got one and Atticus is looking at him because maybe he wants it too.

On the way home we went to a park with branches down

so I bust some of them up.

photo by paz

When I got home I had a nap.

This is a picture from a book by Valerie Greeley that is a friend of Mum's. I think that these ducks are waiting for their brother or sister. They will probably give this book to Gretchen before I can chew it. C'est la vie. That is French.





  1. So glad Charlotte was not in jail.

    Buster you look so CUTE when you're taking a nap. You look cute when you're awake, too! xoxo

  2. You can speak french- you are so smart! My mum liked to see all of your friends especially Ian-down-the-hall...My mum is going to england to see the queen's corgis...I think that I will miss her a little bit but I am going to a way funner house! LOVE wags,
    your pal

  3. As always, I'm sharing this with my husband and son. It makes our day!

  4. Your mum has so totally mastered the art of the perfectly-timed shot, Buster! I love all these pics, but maybe the second one most of all, because you can see who the Big Boys and Girls of the park are. Happy spring days to you xx

  5. Buster I enjoyed all of your pics (of course) but loved the 2nd? one (group photo) you looked very noble and the last one, so cute. Glad Charlotte wasn't really in jail, and that you were having a joke! I have a lady dog who "truly" understands and "gets" a joke!

  6. Buster, I really like the photo of you and Ian.

    I also really like the photo of you having that nap. Do you dream while you are napping?

    It's wonderful that Charlotte is not really in jail.

    Best wishes.

  7. Its nice to see Professor Joba and IanDowntheHall- they haven't been around your blog in awhile. I imagine Professor Joba is exhausted from having to take care of Henry and Gretchen

  8. Dear Buster, I love how your mom caught a photo of Gally mid-shake! I'm also glad that Charlotte didn't really go to jail :P

  9. Dog life is a good life! I am really jealous :)
    Nice photos as usual!

  10. I've been wondering about Ian-Down-The-Hall, it's so good to see him! I hope you got to make some nice artwork with all those sticks! Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  11. I guess American dogs are just as spoiled as French dogs after all..
    Leading the good life.

  12. Buster you speak French!
    so wonderful
    I think Gretchen will appreciate the book un-chewed

    I love Gally's face

    and I adore you Buster

    it is nice to see Ian-Down-The-Hall, he has grown a lot

  13. Dear Buster, love always seeing you with your friends. You are a lucky boy!
    Your photo with Ian-Down-the-Hall is just lovely.
    LOVE also seeing you taking a nap.
    Kisses (Beijos in Portuguese).

  14. Ah! I forgot to say that the picture by Valerie Greeley is gorgeous!