Friday, July 27, 2012

My Week and some Disturbing Discoveries

Yesterday I went to the vet.

There was a cat there in jail, but she is not dangerous. She was put in jail because her person died

Her sister and her have to stay in jail* until they get adopted.

These babies are in jail too but at least they get to play with each other. I got adopted when I was very young and do not remember anything about it. I do not know what happens if no one wants you. Mum will not tell me. Anyway, back at the dog park

here are Jansy and Cona (and my wet legs coming out of Jansey's ear)

This is me and Ruka in our pool which has got eyes in it today.

So, I hope you are well and never end up in jail.




Note from Elizabeth:

These cats and kittens are being very well cared for at West Chelsea Vets on 26th Street, but it would be super if they could find homes.Their phone is 212 645 2767 


  1. I hope the cats will adopted soon, they are really cute.
    Have a good weekend Buster.

  2. Buster looks so thoughtful in the first photo.
    He is such a handsome, Monsieur Poirot.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Oh Buster, I too hope all the kitties find homes. There shouldn't be so many baby kitties waiting for homes - "persons" can be very irresponsible. But you are a very lucky Buster-boy and love seeing you play and frolic with your friends at the park!
    PS Why did you go to the vet Buster? Just routine I hope.......

    1. Buster was too embarrassed to mention that he once had a problem with his butt and has his glands checked now and then! All went well.
      Have a super weekend!

  4. I hope they all get homes
    if my two guys weren't having so many expensive health issues I would adopt another

    Buster you look very thoughtful in that top shot
    you're such a handsome guy
    have a great weekend

  5. Good evening Buster. You are very kind to let us know that there are some very cute kitties looking for loving homes. I don't think that they will stay in jail.

    I hope that you are now forgetting all about that visit to the vet, and thinking more about the pool and your friends.

    Best wishes.

  6. sorry that you had to see those kittens in the jail. it certainly isn't a nice place, our dog could tell you more about it. when the dog was a puppy his then-people weren't exactly nice, they spent some time behind lock and key, the dog became bit of a bad boy and had to stay in jail for quite a long time.

    he had his picture (with humiliating cone-collar, but good looks and big brown eyes) in the local paper and we became his new people. i won't bore you with details of how hard it was to change the bad boy attitude. nowadays he's very friendly, except with squirrels and rabbits, but i bet you know how that is with those pests, especially squirrels...

    happy splashings in the pools, hope you're not too upset because of the thunder

  7. I hope they get homes quick, it must be sad when your person dies.

  8. hey Buster, it's me again
    I was just watching the Saturday morn news on CBS and I think I saw you playing in the water as part of a report they were doing on how to keep dogs cool during the summer
    if it wasn't you then there is an imposter!! :)

    1. Gosh! Last summer Buster was on the CBS lunchtime weather for 7 seconds --with my backside.
      Maybe they re-ran the tape!

    2. they need to give you royalties!
      they ran the footage again this morning
      have a great weekend

  9. Poor cute cats... I hope they will adopted soon.
    Love your first photo, dear Buster. You look adorable as always.
    I am glad that you are ok.
    Sounds you had a great time in the park.
    Kisses and hugs. (Beijos e abra├žos in Portuguese)

  10. If I lived anywhere close by to you I think I'd find it impossible to resist offering a home to those gorgeous cats and kittens. I so hope they find homes soon - please keep us posted!
    Looks like you're having such a good time in that pool - I wish you a sunny and happy weekend.

  11. Hi Buster! I have my own kitty, she's ok, sometimes she even plays with me. They have 5 kitties at my vet, they are always lying on the counters, where I can't reach them. My mom finally got my pool out and so now I can pretend I'm in the big city with you and your friends. I hope it is cooler where you are. Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.