Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring has Sprung

I expect you were wondering when I would get my hair cut.

Well, I did! This is me before it

and this is me after it.

Apparently I look like a new dog, but, on the whole, I am pretty much the same one.

Here is me with Maggie.

On Saturday it was a good day at the park and we were running around like a dog gang.

We were playing a lot.

This is not a good photo but it is me and Charlotte and Enzo that are my very good friends.

This is Enzo looking handsome and the good dog that is like a mop with teeth that we were playing with. I have forgotten his name.

When I got home I had to lie down. Now the weather is getting warm at last. Maybe they will bring back my swimming pool at the park. This is what I am dreaming about.

I hope you are having a good time too.




Happy Spring


  1. You look very fluffy in the first photo....
    the short hair suits you very well, too!
    If Gizmo would have long hair he would not allow
    to cut it, rather kill that person..... ;)
    enjoy Spring further
    Beatrice and Gizmo

  2. You look simply splendid with the layered look and the shorter doo! I am always in need of a nap after a haircut, too. I will help you dream about the park pool.....

  3. Hello Buster.

    When I saw your new haircut, the first thing I thought was...when does the pool open?

    You will be splashing with your pals very soon.

    Best wishes.

  4. I like having lots of hair- I gather more good smellies- but I got a haircut yesterday, too. I am shivering now and I can not believe that they would do this to me AND have my Mom pay for it! People are mysterious. My Mom told me about a man who lived in London back in the long time ago. He was called Mr. Smelly, and would make himself untidy and rolled around in garbage to become a pile of hold your nose. He would sit in doctor offices to protest the medical system or something- I would have liked him .When I sleep I dream of Mr. Smelly, I do not like pools of nose does not like water. You look as handsome as ever, always!
    Your pal,

  5. Oh Buster you look so handsome! Love your new haircut. Hugs! :o)

  6. Spring is a WONDERFUL thing. Winter and shaggy hair are on the way out. You look super spiffy, Buster.

  7. So pleased Spring has sprung for you over there Buster. Oh it must be so good to rid oneself of all those split ends that coats acquire over the winter. You look quite dashing young man!
    I'm hoping they'll have two pools again this year. It's badly needed don't you think?
    Cheers Buster and Mum

  8. Just what I needed! News from Buster! I need to adopt a more Bustery attitude to life: eat, play with friends, nap, repeat. Well done.

  9. My predecessor, who I never met, used to get shaved every spring. Mom says Caesar was like a puppy when his fur got shaved. He used to lick it into mats that would pinch and Mommy could never keep up with clipping off the furballs. So she started to take him to the groomer every spring for a haircut. He loved it.

    I don't need any trimming. I am perfect the way I am.

    I like your short haircut.

    Love from Ramses.

  10. You look so handsome Buster! Happy spring to you and yours too. :)


  11. Such a beautiful last shot - I am happy Buster gets to play...

  12. wonderful haircut Buster!
    but then you always look good
    Maggie has a great smile
    hugs to you and all your friends