Thursday, May 2, 2013

Everything Good Here and I get a Parcel

You will be happy to hear that everything is good around here.

The leaves are coming on the trees and there is a new dog called Lola that thinks I am important at the park.

She is black and white. As you know, most dogs are brown like me but some are white like Maggie and Olive.

Lola can do a very cool trick which is squish all her legs and things sort of like spaghetti. This is because she is young.

This is Murphy that is back and white too and is a real spaniel, unlike me that is a pretend spaniel.

This is Morris when he has been bad and has to sit still until he can be good again.

This is him on the rock with Biggie and Buddah.

Anyway, the other day I got a really good parcel with my name on it.

Inside were lots of exciting things that I am not allowed to eat all at once. They were sent by a lady Mum met  at the pet expo. I am allowed to eat the bones that are green that make your breath lovely. I have eaten some of the things that make my coat shiny. I am going to try stuff so I do not get bitten by ticks. Thank you for my present.*

That is all for today.




*ps from Elizabeth
Buster's parcel of samples was from Vet IQ
We are trying their products - which Buster loves.
I am limiting him to the recommended amounts or else he would scoff the lot.....


  1. Lola is beautiful - maybe a love connection???

  2. Well Buster you are important and Lola is such a cutie.
    Morris is so funny, he was naughty and he knows it you can just hear his mind working "remember the booboo eyes remember the booboo eyes"

    cheers, parsnip

  3. ps - do we know what kind of dog Lola is?

    1. Lola is a purebred pointer and rather lovely!

  4. Me mum is so silly when she reads your posts- this time she started singing ? "whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" she does not sing well but she gave me steak for breakfast. I like how wadded up Lola can become, she is like YOGA!
    your pal,

  5. Hello Buster, it was fun seeing your mom today, and I think that perhaps I will see you next time.

    Lola obviously has very good taste in friends, besides having legs like spaghetti. There are lots of tune with the name Lola. My favorite is by a British band called the Kinks. Try to get your mom or dad to sing it to you. It's a fun tune!

    Very cool that you've been sent some treats. Hoping that those treats will treat you well.

    Best wishes.

  6. Would like to try some of those tasty treats too..
    Haven't seen anything like em in Paris!

  7. It's good to see that Lola, as new kid on the block, has Buster as her Big Brother.

    Do you have to spell the word T-R-E-A-T in our house, or else certain brown-eyed spaniels get all excited and carried away and whimper for attention? That's the good thing about cats. They never bother to learn hoomin language like dogs do.

  8. I sure hope your Mum has put the parcel of goodies up high - it must be so hard not to scoff the lot!
    Lola is as cute as a button, I'm sure she will develop a crush on you Buster.

  9. Dear Buster,
    I always enjoy seeing you & your friends at the park. You seem to make friends easily, unlike me ~ I can take quite a while to warm up. As for all those treats in the mail, I think these things happen easily for those of you who live in places like NY. I on the other hand, live on a small rock in the Pacific Ocean and we don't get to meet too many strangers who share goodies like that. You are LUCKY! I like the sound of the Minties ~ mum would be kissin' on me all the time after those!!
    Bye for now & keep having a great time at the park.

    love, Isla

  10. Hi dear Buster, I am glad that everything is good around there.
    Love to know your new friend Lola, she looks pretty!
    Sounds good that you have yummy treats!
    I hope you, Mom and Dad have a very pleasant weekend.
    Kisses and hugs!