Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nothing about Me but Stuff from Foreign Parts

As you probably know, I do not travel a lot.  I have been to Joba's house three times but he does not live very far away.

So, now I am going to tell you some things I heard about that happen in Austria where I do not think I will go any time soon. For one thing they have ducks like here. Here is a picture of one.

This is a bird called a heron. It is looking for fish in the Stadtpark.

Now it has caught the fish.

You can see it going down its throat.

This is a HUNDZONE where there is a bit of grass, but not much.

A dog in the hundzone. You will notice that the dogs look the same as here.

This is a dog that looks a bit like Joba.

They also have horses.

This is an olden days picture of a dog that maybe is my cousin quite a lot of times removed.

This dog must be very important because he had his portrait painted in oils.

These puppies were on wall paper.

They also have statues of animals. This one is doing the 'leaning against' cat thing.

This one is scary.

This is the best dog in Austria. Her name is D'Ora and once she was bitten by a snake, but she is now better. Mum went for a walk with her on Sunday. I would probably be friends with her if I met her in real life.

This last picture is sort of a joke. The man does not notice that the dog is eating the sausage. Haha! The dog looks a bit like me and a bit like D'Ora. So you can tell that dogs do the same things all over the place.

Now we are getting back to normal.

I hope you are well.





  1. Cool series! I have been in a park with ducks, but I have never been in Austria... We travel a lot, by car, in Norway - by the way you can see a photo of me in the Leonora blog today saying hi to you :-) My name is Leon...

  2. Hey Ol' Pal, That picture of old timey dog sniffing dead stuff and making a stink face makes me howl. I think that that place is in another land too far for a walk...I would not go there even on a good day. I would like a sausage, though. Glad your Mom is back where she belongs...hate it when they go away, even when they go in the other room- may as well be Mars! It is our job to stay vigilant- keep them in sight at all times! I am doing a good job!

  3. Du bist ein schöne Hund, Buster.

    Liebe aus Ramses.

  4. Dear Buster,
    Reading this was a fun journey to take, right from my very own dog bed, ha ha! I won't be going to Austria any time soon either, but I can tell you that if I did, I would certainly want to chase that heron around and eat some sausages. I wonder if the dogs over there have a "dog park" to go to, like the one you visit? The oil paintings are pretty impressive, a good way to become immortal, I guess. These days our humans have the internet where MANY of our pictures can stay forever, so that is the next best thing, and we don't have to pose for hours & hours either. I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. We had a duck family try to camp on our pond, but I had great fun chasing them away!

    paws up to you, from Isla

  5. Hello Buster, greetings from D'Ora from Austria! Thank you for calling me the best dog in Austria, I feel really flattered :-)! I enjoyed to be with your Mom in Vienna! You must be happy that she is back at home with you again! But your Mom is such a lucky photographer! I have often chased ducks in the Stadtpark, but I have never seen a heron there! And taking a photo of a heron catching and swallowing a fish is a real sensation! And she knows how much we love sausage, haha! My Mom told me to give her best greetings to your Mom and please tell her that she enjoyed the day in Vienna very much! Best regards, D'Ora.

  6. Hello Buster and thank you for letting us see these photographs from Austria.

    Do you think that the puppies on that wallpaper look a little bit about one of your friends?

    I thought the photo of the bird swallowing the fish was sort of funny, but also sort of scary.

    Aren't you glad your mom is back!

  7. Sure it was a super duper trip!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Buster, you need to have your portrait painted!!

  9. D'ora is gorgeous Buster, I sure understand why you would like to be friends with someone as lovely.
    Thank you for sharing all this pictures, and I'm so happy for you that things are getting back to normal!! :)

  10. Austria must be a nice country because they have statues of cats, wallpaper with puppies, and they give blankets to their horses. I'm very impressed.


  11. It musst be comforting to know the world is really not that big and dogs do dog things everywhere.

    I'd paint your portrait anytime, Buster...