Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Already

Quite a lot of things have been happening. This is me on the way to the park when I saw a mirror
 by U-Haul.

When I am at the park I go in the pool every day.

This is me contemplating the deep pool. But I do not go in it by myself but Charlotte does.

Here is Olive that has got a new brother (human) that I have not seen yet.

Here are some of the other guys that like the pool. Winston and Apple and Dotty and someone whose name I do not know.

Here is a big kitten that I saw at the vet when we went to collect my food. She is very pretty and playful and is at West Chelsea Vets where you can ring up and adopt her. Mum said she would if we did not have to have a kitty litter tray...

This is me with some really good Orijen treats that my friends from Chewy sent me in the mail. I would eat all of them at once if I was allowed to. They were made in Canada that is the country that is to the north of here, in case you did not know.

This is me with my noble, patient look asking if I can have some more to eat.

This is Jasper when he was at Union Square.

And this is my sister that got here in the middle of the night. I did not see her since it was Thanksgiving so I am glad to see her, and that is all the news round here.





  1. Your sister looks so glad to see you Buster, and I can see that you look happy too!

  2. It looks like three much needed and so cute new pools.
    Everyone is looking good and as always I love Olive !

    The Square Ones send woofs
    cheers, parsnip

  3. wuf king B,

    you've got some handsome poses. i get you contemplating at the big pool. bossy woman got me one, i like to drink from it, and get me paws wet, but i like swimming in a lake or river better. that charlotte gal sure is brave.

    the cat in the window looks like the one our neighbor has, that cat is a menace but i'll leave it at that.

    happy times with your sister!

    the dog

  4. I wonder if there are swimming pools for you in Paris?
    Your sister is look a lot alike :)

  5. Buster, it really does look as if you are leading a busy life.

    I like that photo of you and the mirror. Your tail made me smile.

    I think that you look like a puppy in the photo with the deep pool.

    Your sister and you look fabulous together. Have lots of fun while she's in town.

    Best wishes.

  6. Good to see you, Buster! I think you look very handsome this summer. I have missed you.
    Have a wonderful visit with your sister!

  7. Oh Buster, I added your Mum to my new Bloglovin reader but I forgot to add you!! I've added you now and you are such a kind boy I know you will forgive me ;)
    I don't remember that big pool at the park last summer, perhaps it is a new addition. Perhaps a floatie around your middle would help your reticence :)
    If you lived here Buster I could have kept you in a constant supply of Angus Beef!!
    Have a lovely weekend and I hope you have lots of swims at the park!
    Woofs and pats from Ms Rose

  8. Dear Buster, it is so good to see you!
    Love the picture of you looking to you on the mirror.
    Sounds you have been having a great time with your friends this summer.
    So beautiful your sister with you! Enjoy!

  9. Must be nice, to have a sister who looks like a fairy princess.

    And you're right about the cats: they would be great if they would just learn to change their own litter trays.


  10. Buster, your butt does not look big, if that was what you were worried about in the mirror...

  11. What a happy looking pup! Thanks for your blog post, and for including the ORIJEN treats in your post! :)

    Brittany K
    Content and Community Manager
    Champion Pet Foods