Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween by Count Bustula

This is the time of year when

you can find a severed hand in the pears

 birds swirl in the air

 the sky falls in puddles.

and I'm glad of a tough friend like Milan

when there are skeletons and chickens in windows

and on delis.

This is the time of year when

I might howl at the moon

 be tempted up steps towards black doors

where people without meat on hang in windows.

Gosh! I hope you are not too scared!

So here is a picture of me and Charlotte from this morning

and a picture of Mona too. 

This is me safe at home having a nap.

I hope you have a super duper 





  1. Happy Halloween, Buster. The old-tyme look of your photos makes them even spookier. All those bones and they probably don't want to share with a hungry dog.

  2. Don is ogling your images as I read this - the one of the sky puddle has him ooh-ing. Bruce is a twitching dreaming bundle at me feet.
    I'm feeling immensely normal right now.
    Thanks for the tip about Brenda Ueland - time for a re read. AND it was your tale that was an inspiration to gather the courage to begin mine! Hope Buster gets lots of treats for Halloween.

    They try and celebrate it here - first year they actually import US style pumpkins for it. Ours are like stone to carve, but seeing as it's late spring, and not autumn, the whole thing falls a bit flat.

  3. Happy Halloween to you and all your friends. Hope you get lots of "Treats"

  4. Buster I cannot tell you how relieved I was that you arrived home safely! This Halloween business is a terrifying thing. Thank goodness Charlotte was with you, so you could protect her. Don't howl too loud at that scary moon of yours, I may hear you all the way from Oz.... -woof- -pat-

  5. Oh Buster what a beautiful and fun post today.
    I love the first and last photo in color and the rest in black and white. Especially the one were you howling at the moon.
    Nice change of color on your blog.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Here we don't celebrate this holiday, but I wish happy Halloween to you and your family dear Buster!

  7. Ooooh Buster, that was just a little scary...but fun. I wish you a very Happy Halloween with lots of treats. I bet that you will see lots of strange things tomorrow. Maybe your mom will take some photos.

    Best wishes.

  8. Great Halloween photos, dear Buster!
    I am glad you are safe at home having a nap!
    Many (((hugs)))

  9. hi Buster!!
    glad to see you're as busy and adorable as always

  10. Loved the black & white photos and especially the last one of you napping.

  11. Wonderful photos, Buster, and spot on observations. I particularly enjoy the two photos of you on the steps with shadows.