Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Christmas Holiday by Buster

This is what happened at Christmas at my house.

First thing: Fatty built a house outside my house. It is lumpy and scruffy.

People who like animals will think this pictures is funny. When Mum had nearly finished her ice cream sundae she noticed that there was a rabbit in it.

This is the new ottoman.

This is Knutty when he came to tea.

This is me on the new ottoman which has a cloth on to stop me getting it dirty.

This is me waiting for something to happen.

Then they put the tree up.

And my sister arrived in the middle of the night

and she snuggled me

and gave me a present she brought all the way from England. It is called "Sharknado"

Soon after that the kiddies arrived and no one took any notice of me.

Here is Gretchen with her hat on. Then we had a party and Ian-down-the-hall came. There are not a lot of photos of me. Oh well!

So now I am very tired and am having a nap with Sharknado.

I hope you had a lovely holidays too.





  1. hahahahahahahaha... a "sharknado toy all the way from England.
    "Sharknado" my favorite really bad movie that has so much press from it's name !
    Our new Square Dog video will be called Scottynado !

    cheers, parsnip


  2. But did you get to rip up all the gift wrap into shreds? That is the best part - that and mooching for scraps.

    All the furniture in our house has covers on it too...

  3. My folks do not cover furniture because I am so tidy but right now I am not well, my mum carries me everywhere and talks to me all of the time. She showed me your photos and I like the "waiting for something to happen" best of all. We will be having a new year the humans say, I do not know what that is but if you do I hope you have a glad one. Love, your pal, Dexter

  4. Buster thank you for such a lovely update on your Christmas happenings - but dear boy do keep an eye on 'Fatty' it seems that infiltration is on his mind - your new ottoman to be precise! And that, would never do.
    -woof- -pat-

  5. Buster, it really does look like you all had a very jolly Christmas. It must have been exciting to have all that company over at your house. No wonder you needed a bit of a rest after being such a good host.

    (I know that Fatty showed up without any invitation. That is not polite, but what do you expect from Fatty.)

    Happy New Year to you Buster!

  6. Your new ottoman is really nice, even if they do put a cover on it for you. I think your round bed pillow looks much more comfortable.

    I love your sharknado. I got a cat. I always get cats but am not allowed to chase real ones. I also got a moose and a reindeer that squeaks so high that only I can hear it.

    I'm not sure what Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year's is. All I know is I get to go to Candy's house and play with her and extra day of the week and we get lots of really good extra treats.

    Hope your new year is full of lots of really good extra treats.

    Love from Ramses.

  7. What a jolly time yr having Buster!
    Happy New Year too!!!

  8. A rabbit in the ice cream! Lol! You make me happy with your words, dear Buster!
    Love, love all photos!
    You have a beautiful family, dear Buster.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

  9. Why R there no ice cream sundaes in Paris with or without rabbits?
    Something needs to be done about it!