Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dogs in Art and Other Things

Sometimes when we walk back from the park, we walk past art galleries which have art in.

I think this art is quite good. It is of dogs made of glued together paper.

This is another one. It has teeth.

This is a dog that is made of china from the olden days.

In this picture it is Benny with a cake that is a work of art. The cake has elephants on for Elly's birthday. Knutty was there but Mum forgot to take a photo. I was not there.

This is me in the paddling pool yesterday. The pool is being refilled.

This is Jansey looking at the food dish that is at the bottom of the big pool. I do not think she will dive in to get it.

And this is me with a few leaves. Today it is going to be warm.

Not too much exciting, but I hope you are well





  1. All the pictures are very artsy. You and your friends are walking works of art. Nice photos, Mum.

  2. Oh Buster It is always a treat to see your handsome face. I enjoyed your gallery post.
    You and your friends are so luck to have a pool to jump in on hot days.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Oh Buster I forgot to tell you that thehamish is becoming an artist. His medium is food.
      He was inspired by your earlier works of art.

  3. Buster is impressed by The Hamishes' talent - we long to see photos!

  4. Buster, enjoy that pool while the weather's still sunny and warm.

    Around this time of the year, there are lots of art exhibits in our city. I have not been to any of them yet, but am glad that you have been making the rounds.

    Your Mom's photographs are really good. I think you already knew that.

    The green cake with the elephants parade is very unusual. I wonder what the inside of the cake looked like. Any chance that your Mom brought a sample home to you?

    Best wishes to you, Buster.

  5. Did anyone else notice that the dog with the teeth also had a penis? Now that's detail. Artist didn't hold back! I like artsy fartsy stuff like that. And Buster, you amaze me, as always!

  6. I really like those paper dogs. And what a cake!!
    It's good to see you and your friends looking so well, Buster. And please wish your mum a happy time in Prague - I can't wait to see her photos!
    Karen x

  7. Love this post with great photos, Elizabeth!
    It is so nice to walk in the city to visit art gelleries.
    Love as always to see my adorable friend Buster.
    Wishing you and yours a pleasant Sunday.