Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My 6th Birthday and Christmas as Well

I expect you have been waiting to hear about my birthday which was on the Winter Solstice that is a day that is very short.

Here I am being important on my rock at the park.

Charlotte was there and we played for a bit.

I am waiting for her to stop itching herself.

She itched herself for a long time.

Just by my house we saw Fatty looking at us.

Then I had a little lie-down on Mum and Dad's bed.

Then my good friend Knutty came over.

And we saw them decorate the tree that is not very big this year.

Then we acted crazy - mostly Dad.

Yesterday a parcel came with my name on it.

There was a card too.

It came from Alabama which is not round here.

Here is me with my stuffed elephant that squeaks and my plastic bone.
As you can see, my birthday was good.

 This is holly with berries and rain on it that we saw yesterday.

It is soon going to be Christmas. So I hope you have fun and get a lot of presents.





  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Buster.
    I hope you got a present for your birthday and for Christmas.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Buster !
    It is also my younger Son's Birthday !
    What a great day to be born.
    Let there be Cake and toys that squeak.

    cheers, parsnip
    The Square Ones

  3. Buster old boy (well you are 6 now) I'm sure there will be presents under the tree for you. You had a great birthday. Have you still not asked Charlotte out on a proper date yet? Perhaps now you're 6. It's easy to see she's waiting for you to do so. She's itching all the time to gain your attention. Your human should be telling you these things.
    You're right, Dad's are great - and they are the craziest of all. Mmm, I suppose you had to take over Mum and Dad's bed cos Knutty took over yours.
    I'm hoping you'll have to drag your blue boots out because you'll wake up to a white Christmas!
    Happy Christmas Buster mate, keep those humans under control hey! They can be a handful.

  4. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Buster.
    Emma und Lotte

  5. oh BUSTER we are almost birthday buddies. I think that your day was super good. More super good than my birthday, which I spent doing nothing at all. You still look like a puppy to me, and that fur coat you are wearing is so delish!

  6. Dear Buster,

    You are very old now! I'm just kidding :)
    Happy birthday to you.
    And I wish you and your dear family happy holidays too.


    1. Christmas Greetings and a Happy New Year
      from Buster

  7. A Very Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, dear Buster!
    I also wish to your lovely family a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!
    What a beautiful post, Buster!
    I love always seeing your photos!
    Lots of hugs!

    1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, dear Sonia

  8. Hi Buster! We're almost birthday buddies, too! I turned 13 this year, my mum has a teenager in the house! I hope you got to make some art from that nice box, I can't wait for you to have a gallery show.
    I also want to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! We love your blog! Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Pa.

    1. Dear Ozzy,
      Merry Christmas!
      Yes, you are very grown up now!

  9. Hello Buster, and a very Happy Birthday to you. I hope that you don't mind getting this wish a little late?

    I'm also going to wish you a very Happy Christmas, and that wish is arriving a little early. I think that it's great that you have two days to celebrate this month.

    I hope that all of us in New York get a great Christmas gift tomorrow ... and that the rain stops. It was just too splishy-splashy today.

    Okay, that's about it. Oh, yes, you do look very important on your rock.

    Happy Christmas to your mom and dad, too. Maybe you all can have a crazy celebrating time tomorrow. xo

    1. We had a very nice Christmas, thank you, Frances!
      Buster was bored on Xmas Eve when we went to Long Island all day!
      But we were home yesterday and went for a long walk!

  10. Happiest of natal days, Buster. Trust me, 6 is a very good year. And you've got more to come. I'll be 11 in February. I don't get any holidays for my birthday.

    I think I have what Charlotte has.

    Thank you for the lovely present of that photo of the holly with the berries. We don't get that stuff around here. Just as well since you are not never ever to eat those berries.

    1. Thank you for your greetings!
      We are glad that you are going to be 11.
      Do not worry, all dogs itch the,selves.
      Cheers and Happy New Year

  11. Merry Christmas and a very Happy Birthday to you Buster. Thanks for sharing all your friends and adventures with us. I do enjoy them a great deal.
    I wanted a pup for Christmas but didn't get one. I have too many "wild" pets like my fox, squirrels, birds and fish. But maybe next year ...Happy New Year!!

  12. Happy New Year Buster!

    Happy Birthday!

    I hope your New Year's Resolution for 2015 is to publish MORE entries a month!

    Reta Kenter
    AKA Biufalogirl

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