Monday, February 16, 2015

A Very Long, Cold Winter. We get Cabin Fever.

I am depressed.

The weather is very bad and cold. It is the coldest of all the time I have been alive.

This is the paper and what it says is true.

So mostly I sit in my bed

or lie in Mum and Dad's bed

or sit on the sofa.

Then I look out of the window hoping so see someone I know.

I ask Dad if I can go out, but when I go out

all the snow is grubby

and ugly and icy.

Yesterday Knutty came over and he wasn't very cheerful either. On Valentine's day I saw Charlotte out of the window but we did not go for a walk together. It is going to snow again tomorrow. Mum says -   well, at least it isn't Boston.
I do not know or care about Boston.
I have never been there.

I am not having any great thoughts lately. Nor is my mum.

She made a cookie but she would not let me eat it because of the chocolate eyes.

I did not get to eat the cookie Margaret decorated either.

I hope you are having a better time than me.






  1. Oh Buster, so sad. That is not fun at all.
    Please sent some of your snow over to Arizona. We need the snow in the mountains.
    Tell your Mum I saw her friend from "Tea ans Sympathy" on the News this morning.
    She was talking about a chocolate fight between Hersey
    and people who want to keep selling the English Cadbury chocolates.
    It is a silly fight.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Buster thanks you for your kind wishes! We are all a bit fed up. Takes 15 mins to don 2pairs of extra pants and 2 scarves and sweaters and have doubled my knitted hat!
      I still prefer Cadbury's English choc - don't see why they can't sell both!
      Greetings to the Square Ones.

  2. England is having relatively pleasant weather, I looked on a map of doom, ( climate change) England seems to fair well. Buster would enjoy cups of clotted cream with his biscuits I am sure. I want to move to England, come with me Buster!

    1. Yes, Claudia says there are daffodils......snowing here again....

  3. It is freezing here too Buster. We have a little bit of snow but nothing like what you have. I'm sorry you are depressed. Hopefully the weather will get nicer soon.

    1. Thank you, Taffy.
      It is snowing here again this morning!

  4. Buster, it's the same over here at my apartment. I have been wearing wool socks, and am knitting some more socks. I have been making soup and eating it.

    That's about it.

    Miss seeing you. xo

  5. Stay warm and dry Buster!! Spring is just around the corner - maybe...

  6. Poor Buster.

    You may visit me in San Diego. It is quite warm here for winter. My Mum wears shorts and t-shirts.

    You may nap on our bed and borrow my squeakies, but not chew them or keep them. Only for borrowing.

    We will take you to Candy's house and we can all run around in the yard and then go on our walk and get treats. My Mum makes treats out of liver or kidneys. They are the best.

    Love from Ramses

    1. Dear Ramses,
      We would love to visit you and eat all your toys!
      San Diego seems to be having a mild winter! -lucky you all.
      love from Buster

  7. Hello Buster,
    Would be great if you may visit me in São Paulo, Brazil. Here we are in summertime.
    As always, I love seeing you and I am glad you had a visit of your friend Knutty.
    Sorry you did not went for a walk with Charlotte... Maybe next week.
    Wishing you, Mom and Dad a warm Sunday.

    1. Buster would love to come to Sao Paulo - but we are not sure the people at the customs would agree!
      You are very kind.
      Warmest wishes from chilly New York!

  8. It's been so hard, eh Buster? Really, really hard. But you know it's true that spring is coming, almost, maybe. It's wonderful to see you looking so well and handsome as ever! xo

  9. It's been so hard, eh Buster? Really, really hard. But you know it's true that spring is coming, almost, maybe. It's wonderful to see you looking so well and handsome as ever! xo