Saturday, April 25, 2015

April News from Buster

Hello everyone. This is my news:

This is a dog that lives around here called Penny.

As you can see she looks a lot like me. There are not many dogs with fur exactly like me.

To enrich my cultural education I am sometimes taken to art galleries as part of my walk. As Mum says, this is killing two birds with one stone. I did not see any birds or even stones.

This is me at another art gallery.

This is another person taking a picture of her dog in a gallery too. He would probably prefer to be outside...

like when we go to the park and meet Kathleen who has Darcy like we did last Saturday.

Anyway, after the winter my fur was looking fuzzy.

Then I got a sore paw and had to go to the vet where they put the cone on. Mum took it off before we got home even. Anyway the vet said I could have my hair cut the next day so I did.

This is the new improved me. And my paw is better. If you look carefully, you can see one of my nose-paintings on the window. This is not art that lasts a long time because Dad washes it off so I can do new ones.

I hope you are having a good spring.





  1. I hope that it will not snow another day! You will need a person coat if it does, You must feel frisky with your new do! Handsome as always, so sorry you hurt your paw. When Dexter, your old buddy, got hurt He wore a cloth cone, like a travel neck pillow which was comfy and looked smart...for a while. Your nose art is very nice, glad you never run out of interesting things to do- or art supplies!

  2. Hello Buster,
    I had a hurt paw too, but only got some ointment which worked pretty well. I'd already chewed the fur out from between my toes & the ointment tasted icky. It's all better now tho. My mom wishes she could take ME to art galleries! We live on a tiny island so we don't have any here - well, we have one in the village but no dogs are allowed ... I would have to stay tied up outside & she doesn't leave me tied anywhere where she can't keep an eye on me. We are having spring out here, too, and I went to the groomers and got all spiffed up. Finally, they got those mats out from behind my ears. I don't like them. They make me itch. Since I'm mainly a collie I'm prone to them but I do get lots of pats because I am so fluffy ;>]] Enjoy yourself back there, happy art walking,
    Best regards from,
    p.s. my mom typed this.

    1. Dear SWeetpea
      you probably have more fun on an island with beaches and all!
      Glad you are looking spiffy too!
      I had clumps of fur behind my ears too - now they are gone.

  3. Oh Buster, how handsome you look in your new spring haircut! Your are ready for the soon as the weather gets just a Little Bit Warmer.

    Your nose painting on the window is very fine. It's good that you have a well-trained archivist capturing this conceptual art before it is disapeared. Very dramatic stuff!

    Sure do hope that your is back to full health soon.

    Best wishes.

    1. Yup, Buster can't wait for the pool!
      He hopes to see you soon!

    2. Oh Buster, of course I meant your Paw! xo

  4. So glad you didn't have to wear the cone for very long. Your new haircut makes you look like a whole new dog- I've always admired your coat of many colors.

    1. Cone are horrid! Thank you for liking Buster's coat!

  5. Buster, I do enjoy seeing you. Thank you for checking in and letting your adoring fans know how your doing! I hope your paw heals completely really fast. My puppy does not like those cone things around his neck, either. Your new "do" is very smart looking. Take care. Xoxoxo Vicki

  6. Penny looks just like your little sister!

    I am so sorry about your paw. I am glad it is better and you didn't have to wear the cone for long. I had to wear the cone a long time when my ear was hurt. I didn't like it either.

    I like your haircut. My Mom says she could fix your winter hair with a bath and brushing. I'm not so sure. I think the haircut is better. Of course, I am a short haired dog so I think short hair is just better in general.

    Love from Ramses.

  7. Buster, you're looking good. Glad your paw is better! xox

  8. I really love your old furry coat but you look very handsome in your new one.
    Hope your paw is all better. (and your maw, too!)

    1. Paw much improved!
      Buster thanks you for thinking he is cool with his new 'do'.
      Cheers from New York!