Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer Roundup

I have been pretty busy.

Dreamdate Darcy came over for a sleep over.

I have been hanging out at the pool. What you see next may come as a bit of a shock to you. Sometimes when dogs are dead they stuff them and put them in glass cases.

These pictures were taken by my sister Claudia in England.

I am not quite sure what to make of it. I did not know any of these dogs I am glad to say.

Then my sister came to visit from England.

Then I went to Jasper's house.

This is me when I got home after two days at the animal hospital which is where I went when I ate a teeny weenie bit of trail-mix that they left on the ottoman and I ate it.* 

They looked in my ears too.

Last Sunday Knutty came over.

Then I went to the park and met up with Biggie and Buddah

and Milan that is the only pit bull I am allowed to play with.

This is me and a graffiti cat. Other than that,  all is good and I am lying on the floor trying to stay cool.

I hope you are having a good summer.

Lots of love


* Totally my fault. Some dogs have very serious reactions to raisins. Some are not affected...Buster was not affected at all but was on extra fluids for two days...oh dear! 


  1. Knutty still looks great and I love your new brush cut. Biggie is still - how can I put this gently - big. Glad everyone is ok and you are staying cool. I am!!

    1. Good to hear from you!
      we have been very slack about writing the blog! Summer greetings!
      Yes, Biggie is pretty damn big!

  2. oh my goodness, People stuff their dead dogs! Wonder if they also stuff their dead Grannies? So sorry you had to go to hospital, you really should not eat anything humans put out on ottmans, it is not to be trusted and could be a trap! My friend's dog is deader than a door nail from chocolate left on a chair! YIKES! It tasted so great, I am sure. Stay cool, Dude! You sure do have cute friends.

    1. The dogs are in a museum in Buckinghamshire.
      I'm sure they could 'mummify' grannies!

  3. I'd like to hear more about that Dreamdate sleepover...or would I?
    Sorry you had to go to the vet. Better to be safe than sorry and end up like those dogs behind the glass.

    1. The sleepover was pretty fun and rambunctious!
      We heard later that Darcy behaved badly when she stayed at Knutty's house -frightened another dog.
      She was fine with us!

  4. Hello Buster. It's great to see this summer catch up post from you.

    Although you have never met him, one of my brothers is a huge fan of your blogs. Just this morning, as I was finishing my Cheerios, and thinking about what to wear to work, I spoke my brother via the telephone, and ...True...the very first thing he asked me about is Buster. Why hasn't he posted?

    He really likes the pictures of you and your pals in the pool. Gosh... just imagine how happy this post will make him when he gets near a computer tomorrow morning.

    Best wishes. Great to know you are well.

    1. Hi FRances - tell James that Buster has just been super lazy --or so has his mother!

  5. Trail mix with raisin and chocolate chips? Not good.

    I notice you got shaved before going to Jasper's house. Very nice. Looks cool.

    It's been very hot here. I don't have much fur but my girlfriend Candy is very hairy. While I like that in a girl it can't be too comfortable right now. Her Mom say she's been sleeping outside this past week.

    Stay cool and enjoy your summer.

    Love from Ramses.

    1. No chocolate chips in the trail mix - but raisins are the real culprit.
      Yes, to a nice summer trim.
      Not too short as dogs can get sunburn ( who knew!) but not too much fluffiness

  6. Dream Date Darcy, so wonderful ! She is so beautiful.
    We were just talking about grapes and the fact I just read last month that you should not let your dog eat them. I have not heard that before but if I did I have forgotten it. I will have to Google it and find out why.
    I love Buster new hair cut ! Stylish and very handsome.
    It is so hot here in Tucson that we try not to go out at all.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Yes, Darcy is a pretty terrier.
      We have known her for six years.
      Hope you and the square ones are managing to keep a little cool indoors?

  7. Dear Buster, I am so sorry you had to go to hospital... I am so very glad you are ok!
    Really is very nice to have the visit of your sister from England!
    You look adorable as always!
    Lots of hugs to you and yours! :)

    1. Buster thanks you for your kind comment. He is doing well now!
      WArmest greetings from New York.

  8. Hope everything is ok - just haven't heard from you in a little while - I get a little worried...

    1. How kind of you to miss Buster.
      He is fine!
      So sorry - Buster's scribe has been a bit useless at helping him do his blog!
      I'll try to write one today! Warm greetings from New York.