Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day, Winter Weather and I need a Haircut by Buster

It finally snowed...and it was a blizzard.

I am not looking sad because I am cold, but rather that I am bored with having my photo taken.

Anyway it snowed so much they shut down all the roads and you could play on them. This is the first time this has happened in my life.

This is me going for a walk.

Charlotte was at the park

and we sat on the rock.

This is me looking noble as per usual.

This is when DreamDateDarcy came to tea.

I put this one in because Knutty looks like a polar bear that is an animal that likes cold weather. He looks just like the picture Dad painted of him.

This is me looking like a public embarrassment because I do not want to get my hair cut.

Anyway, I hope you will have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.

I will be home with Mum and Dad. It is meant to be the coldest day of the year.





  1. All this snow looks amazing. And playing on the roads must have been a lot of fun. We have had nothing but rain here for the last weeks. That was really boring. And we are going to get our hair cut next week, too. We are not enthusiastic at all.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Love and hugs from Terrierhausen

  2. oh my, that certainly is a lot of white stuff, you must be glad for your fur coat! The rock looks like a very cold sit upon. Your pals are all very good looking.I hope that you have a cozy Heart day, maybe a treat and maybe Darcy will visit again . Many sniffs to you. LOVE, Dexter's human

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Buster! it is so cold today that I bet you are glad that you haven't had a hair cut. Wait for spring is my advice.

    I was talking with my brother yesterday, and he said to say hello to you, and that he's missed seeing your posts. Hello from my brother.

  4. Happy Valentines Day from nice and warm Abu Dhabi!! If I was home right now it would be -31 - so glad to be visiting family! Everyone looks well especially Knutty! Stay warm!

  5. I've missed you. You should be here in California. It's in the high 80's.
    A little too hot!

  6. Happy Heart Day, Buster !
    I can not believe all the snow.
    Daughter just moved from too warm Tucson, 85 today (20 degrees warmer than it should be) to the far North by a lake 8 today and -3 tonight. That is very cold.
    She took her dog Truffles who has two coats to help keep her warm.

    Stay warm Buster
    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  7. Oh Buster,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the winter snow. Your family in the Midwest loves it and cheers for a big snow. You are very handsome.
    p.s. A good pair of snow shoes are a must, yours are perfect.

  8. Boy, you must be having a fun time with all that snow. You can roll around in it and not get smelly or dirty.

    I have never visited the snow. My Mom thinks about it every year but has no chains for her car so we cannot visit the snow.

    I like your booties.

    I think you should wait for a hair cut until the weather is warm. The fluffy is helping to keep you warm when you play outside.

    I don't have any fluffy but I do leave my hairs all over the house. My Mom is angry when she finds them in her watercolor stuff.

    But she still loves me.

    She loves me a lot lately. I will be 12 years old soon. I think that is why.

    Love from Ramses

  9. Happy Valentine's Day, Buster. You may want to keep that fuzzy coat for a while the way the weather looks in your part of the world. Fun post.

  10. Happy Valentine's Day dear Buster!
    I am so glad so see you!
    Love all photos and your Mom is a great photographer!
    Many kisses to you.

  11. Buster, you must do a hair cut! Spring is coming, you have to look pretty :)

    1. Yes - very fuzzy indeed and definitely needing a hair cut!
      Warmest wishes from me and Buster!

  12. Well Buster there sure was some v.e.r.y. nice white stuff over there in February..... why hasn't your human put a 'haircut' picture of you on here. Good to see you had your blue boots on but surely you have progressed to a matching cape by now mate. Also great to see Charlotte still has a crush on you and youre still hanging out with Knutty. pat-pat. x