Saturday, December 5, 2009

King of the Dog Park

Benny comes to dog park on a bicycle. The rest of us do not do that.
We are pleased to see him.

Sometimes RobertDogPark sits on a rock.

Knutty loves him specially.

This is Knutty and Benny. Knutty was sick
 and we were all worried. But he is better now.

This is Chio who was Robin Hood at Halloween.
We are going to have our birthday party together.
It is quite soon.

I said to Mum to put in some grass.
She has also put in some snow.
Perhaps it will snow today.

I hope you have a good weekend


  1. Buster,

    I like the snowflakes. Nice addition.

  2. wow! Mum can make grass and snow appear, she's so cool

    I'm glad Knutty is better now

    hugs Buster

  3. What a lovely day at the park...we like that there is a biking doggie friend there too! It is snowing here and our mewmie just bought some new bird feeders so we are busy bird watching--from inside where it is warm (and we can't go outside anyway). Our mewmie always tells people there is a reason there aren't Cat Parks, HaHaMeow

  4. Buster, All your friends look so well mannered. I remember a post where one of your friends got held down until he/she stopped being bad. Do any of you or your friends get sent to time out when you forget to be kind? Love the snow. All we have is old leftover snow.

  5. That first picture makes us giggle!

    Thank goodness Knutty is better.

    Chio is a handsome boy. But not as handsome as the King of course.

  6. Buster I cant wait to see what your winter outfits will be...

  7. Enjoy the cold, Buster!!
    We sure are!
    Edward and Apple T.

  8. I can see the snow in your blog! Pawesome!
    Glad your friend is much better now!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I know your birthday is coming soon. Its going to be very special, for you, a very special dog.
    I love your snow Buster! Stay warm.

  10. Hi Buster,

    I like your excitement in the first pic when you see Benny... you are so cute. The dog park is a happy place... soon the grass will be covered in snow.

    Licks, hero

  11. Hey there, Buster! You ARE the King. ;-)


  12. I thot hard bout you today- my friend Rosko who lives two houses down ran away from home- he ran to my house and we played like you and your friends- ruff and tumble...and then my person took us both on a lonnngggg walk. I have been ill, my person says it is doggie flu...

  13. Buster, do you think you would like to ride a bike? I don't think I would. I love seeing you with your furiends at the dog park. Of course you are the king....who else would be king?
    PS: Your snow is great! How did you get your mom to do that for you?

  14. I love the cool! Buster, you and your friends always lift my day! I can't wait for the tales from your birthday!