Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Me at My Party

These are some of the people Shio and I invited to our party.
Elouise and Benny and Biggie.

This is Shio with his birthday ribbon on. He is one too.
One/ two. I think this is a pun. Maybe.

This is me running around at my party.
We had dog cookies; Mum and her friends had human cookies.
We had water; they had juice.
Mum taught me a semi-colon.

I wish you could have come to my party.

ps. I get more famous every day. I am on a website: Buster & The Flashionista


  1. Happy Birthday Buster!
    Your party looked super fun! I bet your friends had a great time celebrating with you!
    :) Tibby

  2. Happy Birthday Buster! It looks like you had fun with your friends. I'm glad your Mum didn't forget your birthday, since it's so close to Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  3. What a big guy you have become! I love your feathery ears and your big smile. Congrats on getting a notice on the Fashionista blog. Many happy returns.

  4. You are a superstar Buster!!!! Looks like you had a way fun party!!


  5. Happy Birthday Buster. It has been fun following your first year of life!!!

  6. Hey Buster- I'm captain ZOOM and I'm here from the moon saying BUSTER YOU'RE the BIG STAR today!
    I went for a long walk in honor of your party and pretended that I was really there eating biscuits!Wasn't as good as real...I was one once but now I am more.

  7. Happy Barkday, Buster!... and here's wishing you many more to come. Wish I could join you at the fabulous party.

    Licks, hero

  8. What a wonderful party! I love that first photo. You all look like such good buddies.

  9. Sure you had a pawesome time celebrating your birthday with your friends!
    I saw you in that site! Grrreat!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Happy Birthday to you, Buster. Could you be one year old already? Wondering if stars like you bother with astrology? Do you have a sign?

    When I ask you questions, I do want to give you lots and lots of space to plant an answer, if you wish.


  11. Happy Birthday Buster. It looks like a fun party! You and I are both Sagittarians Buster. "Fun is good." A man named Dr. Seuss said that. Your Mom knows his books.

  12. Happy Birthday Buster! Thanks for all the joy you've brought this year.

  13. Happy Birthday Buster!!
    I love you

  14. Happy Birthday, Buster! Your party looks like it was fun for everyone who came.

    Congratulations on becoming even more famous. Just don't let the fame go to your head!

  15. Happy Birthday. You have done so MUCH in one year! You are an artist, a punster, a partier, a comedian, and now you can even use a semi-colon! You are going to have a grrrrreat life, congratulations on a brilliant first year.

  16. Happy Birthday, Buster! Raleigh and Lucy....two Golden Retriever followers in NJ. :o)

  17. Happy Birthday dear Buster! Looks you had a wonderful party! I saw you on the Website! Just great! Did you know that you and I are both Sagittarians too?
    Have a nice day!

  18. What a super party. I see you even invited a labradork.


  19. UhOh BUSTER! My person told me there is a human baby in your family- a new one! Know this- babies are OK wehn they are larva-ish but when they start gettint on two legs they pull your ears and mouth and sit on you, they do not know that they are ridiculous. You will get yelled at and shamed if you try to put the human pup in it's place.. you have about two years to figure out hiding places...