Monday, November 15, 2010

Normal Stuff

Mum is back to taking pictures of random dogs and telling their owners how
cute they are. That is the dogs, not the owners.

This is a puppy by our house.

This is Deisel* that I played with this morning. He has got blue eyes.

Now for some pictures of me.
This is my purple elephant that Mum got me because 
she did not bring me a present from Italy except some pictures of monsters.

This is me who is not allowed to eat the feathers that were part of my Halloween costume.

 This ball was taken away from me when I started eating all of it.

In case you did not know, it is Thanksgiving next week.
That is when people eat a lot and then go to sleep.
This picture is on the window of a diner that I walk past. 
The artist is called Berch.
If you look inside a diner you see people sitting on counter stools.
They are mostly eating.

I hope you are well.


* Deisel's mom has a blog too: it is called


  1. Dear buster,

    I like your bed--- it is very King of the Jungle-esque. And you are eating an elephant. How fitting!

  2. B,

    Unfortunate that the diner's cornucopia has only fruit and veg but no biscuits. I have a suspicion, however, that something to be thankful for will be coming your way next weekend.

  3. Toys always get taken away when they just get to be fun ! Right now there is toy stuffing pulled out and all over the floor.
    I let them have some fun then I sweep it up.

    woof... Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  4. WOOF Buster- I guess every day is that thanksgiving thing for me- I eat lots of stuff- I sleep- it is good! I love you, you are hamsome.

  5. Hi, Buster!
    Well... your mom is right! Those doggies are soo cute!
    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day here... but eating yummy turkey and then sleep sounds great to me!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. we dont have thanksgiving here,

    but we still get to eat!

  7. you have to gain some control over that eating it all thing :)
    then again, so do I

  8. Buster, you look so regal and focused looking at your feathers/herb plant... or was it something mesmerizing flying by your window? I hope you get your own Thanksgiving dinner. Mine comes in a bag.

  9. Glad to see that things are back to normal now - Mum taking pictures of cute dogs, you playing with friends and eating various non-edible things!

  10. Gee, Buster, it feels like we humans are like dog..looking for out next treat, our next meal. It's just that time of year.

    You look beautiful, Buster!

  11. Aranyos fotók! Szeretem az állatokat!
    Linda fotos! Me encantan los animales!

  12. Sometimes it is hard to know what is ok to eat and what is not ok, from a human's perspective that is...

  13. Ha, we ran into you today Buster! That little puppy was me, Sheldon, but now i'm 11 months old and look more grown up. Here are a few more photos of me and my family