Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Italian Interlude

Buster is home being well looked after.
We are in Italy collecting lions and monsters for Buster to look at:

This lion in Florence is very important because he has a crown on.

 This one has a very wide nose.

 I think Buster will be scared by this monster with a very mean expression.

This last lion looks a little confused.

We have been on the hunt for possible friends for Buster in Florence.
This is Pax in Fiesole.

This is Camilla at the outdoor flea market.

We met this puppy at a restaurant one lunch time.
He had been discovered in the garbage but is now well loved.

We miss Buster and will see him early next week.


  1. Love the Wired Haired Dachshund !
    Buster will adore the pictures only because you will be showing them to him ! Hughughugsnugglewoof !

    Looks like a lovely trip...

    Woof, from Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip
    We saw no Scotties in the UK but lots in Japan and France ? ? ?

  2. I'm been really bad Buster about getting over to see you only find out you Mum is traveling without you. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    I am sure Buster will love them too!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Enjoyed those lions! And the wire hair doxie is
    quite a handsome guy! It seems you're finding lots
    of dog 'fixes' and that you're missing Buster just a wee bit.

  5. Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.November 4, 2010 at 8:13 AM

    Buster, that was one wild party you threw last night! Hope you get the place cleaned up before the peeps get home! Love ya!

  6. enjoy your trip!!

    love the confused lion
    and I'm so happy that the pup found a good home

  7. Don't let those critters scare you, Buster. Your redneck buddy Sam the Wonder Dog will help you show them who's boss!

  8. Amazing pictures!
    I think that Buster would love to be there to see these Lions personally.

    Have a great time, Elizabeth!

  9. Isn't it lovely to get your 'dog fix' when you are on holiday!