Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog

This is #42

It is manipulated cardboard with a serrated edge.
Mum and I think black and white photos are more 'artsy'. Maybe.

 This took quite a lot of work and you can see where I got my title from.

This is a portrait of me looking intense and pensive and all that artistic stuff.
The purple thing is Altered Elephant; the squeaker came out.

This is me and Knutty in his lobby.
We are not allowed to eat this plant though we want to.

I found this penguin on 22nd Street when I was going to the dog park.

I am very late with these last 2 pictures. They are from Halloween, which is when they went away.
Benny was a sailor......

 and Gomez and a real live pinata.



ps.I hope you are enjoying Jane in Winter here.


  1. o.m.g. pinata! Also, you look very handsome in your artist pictures

  2. Dear Andy Warhound,

    I'm impressed by your deconstructionist creations

  3. Ohhhhhhh Gomez I <3 U!
    Great job on the art. I recently saw a cousin of yours at my mechanics and he was working on cardboard art as well right in the shop! I commented that it was lovely art. He was shy and didn't care to discuss his personal art.

  4. Buster, I'm glad to see you've been working on your art. Your young man artist portrait shows you just keep getting more handsome every day.

  5. I think Altered Elephant shows great promise. You really got your teeth into that one.

    That Gomez! Life of the party, obviously.

  6. Yes, I'm glad you continue to produce great works, intense and pensive Buster. This new one does look very 'artsy' in b&w. You have the most amazing friends too. So glad you published the Halloween photos. I laughed out loud!. :oD

  7. Buster, you always brighten my day. Just looking at you makes me happy...not to mention your art- it's fantastic. Gomez as a pinata- perfect.

  8. Buster, it's good to know that you have been busy in your studio.

    Please thank your mom for capturing these important stages in your artistic career.

    (Also, Gomez made a wonderful pinata!)

    Best wishes.

  9. You are looking very pensive... you are ready for your close-up !
    Gomez is a perfect pinata !

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  10. your artistic portrait will look wonderful on your first coffee table book

    love the four legged pinata!

    big hugs Buster

  11. Buster,
    You always make me happy with your photos and art.
    Your portrait looking intense and pensive is wonderful!
    Did I told you that I love you?
    I am whispering, because Flora is very jealous...Lol!

  12. You have a great life Buster! And I love Gomez as a pinata!

  13. Your artwork is certainly inspired. You are so lucky that your Mum and Dad allow you to complete your work inside (and that they DON'T allow you to eat that plant!).

    Gomez makes a lovely pinata. I just hope no one tried to take a swing at him with a stick!

  14. I wonder who lost that penguin....

  15. Oh dear :) Gomez as a pinata. That is inspired!