Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Family Are Back

They came home at last

and bought me a rug to sit on but I am not allowed to chew it up like I did the last one.

This is a picture of a monkey they saw.
I have not seen a monkey even if I look like one when I stand up.

Where they went lots of dogs just hang around. This one is near the fish market.
Maybe he is my cousin.

 It is sunny there so the cats lie around too.

 I have never seen a bird in a cage only ones that fly around.

This is a donkey that has to wait for his master.
Anyway, we are back to normal and Knutty came over yesterday.

I hope you are well.




  1. I'm glad things are back to normal. When we have to leave our puppies for a while, we tell them "We always come back"!

  2. {{ i was hoping
    they would bring you a wee camel }}

  3. Buster,

    Check the underside of your carpet to see if there are instructions for flying.

  4. Dear Buster, who took care about you while your "parents" were away? I see you are happy now because your family are back. You got a nice rug!

  5. Dear Buster,
    The rug your parents bought you is really lovely. I could use one of those in my house! Your mom really has an eye for animals and colors--- (however it makes me a little sad too because you can tell life in the world is tough)

  6. I know you probably won't print this--but can't you see that the poor monkey is quite upset being chained and asked to "socialize" or whatever. It is unfortunate residents of this country take the monkeys from their natural habitat and use them to try to make a living. It's really rather cruel.

  7. I was going ask if that was a special Flying Carpet
    that your family brought back for you but DCW already asked !
    Well at lest you can fly in you dreams when you take a nap.

    So happy everyone is safe and at home !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Cynthia,
    As an animal lover, I agree with you that using animals for 'entertainment' is horribly sad. Luckily, except for a few apaling dog/cockfighting people here in the US it is both disapproved of as well as illegal.
    I use my blogs to record rather than judge.
    Life in Africa and other parts of the world is often unbelievably cruel both to animals..... and people.

  9. Hi, Buster!
    Glad they are back!
    Sure they saw very interesting creatures during their trip!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. A carpet of one's own - how lovely! Happy your people are home safe and sound.

  11. You look happy that your parents are home safe and sound - life IS good.

  12. welcome back to your family

    I hope you don't chew the rug Buster, it is very pretty and you look so handsome standing on it

  13. They got you a rub and you can't even chew it?? What's the point.

    That monkey does not look liek a happy camper. That dog is definitely your long lost cousin.

    I'm glad your family is finally home. You must've missed them.

  14. Buster, it's sad your parents went away on a trip and left you at home, but at lease you got a beautiful new rug out of it. I think you should refrain from chewing it up for at least a while.