Monday, July 18, 2011

My Chums

Biggie is on the bench

because he says it is too hot.

Tyson is smiling.

I am looking at McGee sniffing the rock.

Sometimes dogs hang round with the grownups.

This is Brooks too. All my chums have people who bring
 them to the park and take them home again.

 This is a dog called Calypso who some people left
tied up and now he does not have a home. It would be good if he got a family.


ps. From Elizabeth.
A friend is involved with Bobbi and the Strays. She was really touched by poor Calsypso aged about 8. A pure bred abandoned on Long Island.Just trying to get the word out!


  1. Dear Buster,

    This post made me cry. All dogs deserve to have a human take them to the park, give them water and scratch them behind the ears, don't you think?

    When I hear about what happened to Calypso, it makes me wonder what kind of people my people are.

    Glad that there is Elizabeth to take care of you and to help other dogs!

    In honor of Calypso, extra tummy rubs for all dogs tonight!

  2. This post also made me cry...
    I think people who abandon and hurt animals, all animals, should be punished by a huge fine and then made to work in the shelters cleaning up.
    What a sweet dog. I hope someone will see Calypso and take this sweet dog to a new loving home.

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Buster, that makes me so sad about Calyspo. I hope that someone will look out for him. He deserves good love from a good family.

  4. Buster!
    I hope Calypso will be adopted by a family who will give him all the love and attention he deserves.
    Paws crossed!
    I enjoyed the pictures with your friends!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Hello Buster, I know that you know how lucky you are, even in this way too hot July evening in New York. Of course, you know. After all, you are a conceptual artist.

    There are so many other pups who are not so lucky. These pups have got lots of love to give, but do not yet know any families who realize they could give that love.

    When I am able to stop going to work for long hours every day, I know that I would so love to share that special sort of with a pup.

    Meanwhile, Buster, you encourage me with your friends and fans. Hoping we do soon get that thunderstorm to cool us all off.


  6. What was it I wanted to share, Buster? Good question. I wanted to share that affection.


  7. Dear buster, I'm glad you put the word out about Calypso. People can be so cruel sometimes; I can't imagine how sad Calypso must have felt to have been abandoned by his family.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. How could anyone abandoned a dog! That is so cruel... hope Calypso would be able to go to a forever home soon. You sure do have lots of chums, Buster, and they are all very interesting.

    Btw, I like your poem... you are a very talented dog, Buster :)

    Licks, hero

  9. I wish I could take Calypso but I have all the mean rescued cats to take care of
    I know you don't really like cats too much Buster but they're really like dogs just with a terrible attitude :)

    hugs to you and your Mum for spreading the word
    I hope Calypso finds a home soon

    I love ya Buster, and your friends are too cool

  10. Woofers Buster- My Mum told me that the dogs Calypso had parents that were kind to him/her but they ninja vanished (died) and that they were hoping someone kind would pick him'her up and they DID! Happily ever after...My mum does not tell me sad stories or scary stories because I am what she calls "sensitive" ...If My mum lived next to Calypso I would have to scoot over a little and make room. Mr. Man would not be happy...

  11. Poor Calypso! He looks adorable. How could anyone abandoned a dog? It's very cruel... and made me cry...

    Buster, I love seeing all your friends. It's so good to have friends and a Mom like Elizabeth.

  12. No doubt Calypso will be

    happily homed in no time,

    with so much love coming his way.

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  14. D'Ora send best regards to Calypso. She also searched for a home 7 years ago, and she found us!

  15. This is kind of sad, but we think someone will give that doggie a home and your doggie crew can feel good that you spread the word!

  16. Buster, you have a great group of friends with good humans. I'm sorry about Calypso. It's sad that his people left him, but in a way he's lucky because now he has this nice person Bobbi helping him out. When I was a kid I lived on Long Island. I hope Bobbi finds homes for all her strays.