Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy Day at the Park

This is a movie about me

We had a good day at the park today.

Lucy that is the one that looks like me was there.

And Lily and Samson

and Charlotte too, so I was pretty happy.

Me and Charlotte are running so fast you can't even see us properly.

Then Charlotte had to sit next to the rock when she was tired.

After that we asked for snacks.

This is me smiling again. If you want to see what it looks
 like, the movie below may work, but it may not work. I hope it does.



There are two movies.
I think the you tubes will work better


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... so much fun ! Your pantaloons are getting more beautiful every day.

    woof... Watson and Hamish... I would like to play too but I am going blind very fast, my operation to save my eyes is 3 November... very scary, Hamish

  2. I like how you are the boss of the dog park- You can run like a deer! Faster than a Fatty.I like your grin, too. I could not hear the barks because I have no hearing in my ears now. I thought everyone was being stuck up but, no, it's my ears that so not work anymore. My nose works well. I am out in the country now, at my friend's house, Winslow- he is in NY where you live.Maybe you will see him.

  3. Buster, you have the BEST smile! Fun to see you and your friends enjoying the park. You are quite a movie star.

  4. Buster, I just love your blog. I like checking in on a regular basis and seeing what you have been up to. You make me smile...... xx

  5. It's nice to see you smiling again! The movies would not work for me this morning, but that will give me time to make popcorn! Love, Ozzy The Poodle in Penna.

  6. Charlotte is a beauty!
    and she's so tall

    I love your smile Buster

  7. Glad to see you're doing well, Buster! I've been away from the blog world for awhile - I have a lot to catch up on!

    Hope the snow hasn't set you and your mom back too much!