Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not too Thrilling

Knut came over yesterday evening

This is him on the daybed.

In the afternoon we saw a cat. You do not see too many cats around here. This one was in a bar.

This is Linda and me at the dog park. She likes me. I do not think Biggie and Buddha are too pleased.

This is the latest photo of me and Charlotte together.

Anyhow, Samantha had her leash on because she was going to go home.

So Gally and Baxter decided to play tug of war with it.

And they went on tugging and tugging and Samantha ignored them because they are babies.

That is pretty much all that is going on around here.





  1. HMPH- I, DEXTER, do not ignore babies, I grrr at them and say "NO!" Babies need me to teach them stuff , like manners...I would kiss your face like that Linda person, I would kiss your face and sniff you all over and share my biscuit with you.

  2. I do like Knut almost as much as I like you, Buster. You two make good friends.

  3. Buster, you look very fluffy and well brushed in these photos. Did you have that bath you were talking about last time?

    Best wishes.

  4. tell your mum I love the fabric on your day bed...

    lucky you, a daybed.. bruce has a night bed, his bed, an outside bed, a watching tv bed, and a downstairs bed..

  5. Knut wears a lovely collar, in the colours of Norway; you can buy ribbons there that look just the same!
    Have a great weekend!
    Beatrice and Gizmo

  6. I love the photo of you and Charlotte
    and I think Samantha is very sweet to let the babies play with her leash

    Hugs Buster

  7. Hi Buster!
    Knut looks so cute on the daybed.
    I love the photo of you and Linda. Did you know that I would love to kiss you too?
    Have a good weekend, dear Buster.

  8. Buster: Everyone loves you and so do I!

  9. Oh I am sorry for the poor out numbered cat!! :)

  10. I love your photos Buster. I have my own cat. My mum adopted him when he was a baby. He's two now. My mum says I'm too jealous to have a dog brother, so I got stuck with a cat brother.

    Go figure.
    Love from Buddy (and Clancy the cat)

  11. Buster, you really are a special looking boy and I just love stopping by to not only how you're going but what you've been up to!
    Good wishes from
    Rose and "The Team"