Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creativity Comes in Bursts

Mum got a note from my sister saying I was being a lazy blogger. I was very hurt because I do try to write good stuff like Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy and people like that but sometimes I do not manage it. This is me thinking.

This is me posing for my picture on the back of the book that I have not written yet.

This is Atticus a puppy at the park, because I know you like to see other dogs sometimes not just me all the time.

We saw these dogs at the street fair. I do not know if the one on the left does not like me or whether her tongue is always like that. Sometimes it is hard to know stuff like that.

The other day Mum left her salami sandwich on the chair by where she does her writing and I took it, and she yelled Bad Dog! at me and I was crushed and I did not even get to eat it all.

Then yesterday they went to see Henry who is on a horse but not a real one.

This morning it was raining round here.

We saw Omar going for his walk.

This is me back home wondering why I never get anything done.

This is me hatching a plan

to restructure the box that the PG Tips came in, which just goes to show that when you almost give up, if you are a creative person like me you will find something to do. So I have done a blog post and will have my nap now.




  1. But you always give us a quality post Buster, and everyone knows that quality is more important than quantity (although we do also like little updates to know that you are OK!).

  2. One of the best ways to handle frustration and misery is to take it out in creative ways.

    You look SO sad and disappointed at your loss of the sandwich.

  3. Buster, this post has everything- scenery, a small child, creativity, strange dogs and wonderfully thoughtful portraits of you. You've done your sister proud.

  4. Hi dear Buster!
    Love to see your day, your friends, the lovely Henry and seeing you, adorable as always. Did you know that you have sweet eyes with the color of honey? Many kisses to you!

  5. Hello Buster. Do you the meaning of the word nudge? I think that it is possible that your sister just wanted to give you a little nudge (encouragement) to get going with blogs and other creative stuff.

    This post shows me that her nudge might have worked. Or maybe you would have gotten creative with the PG Tips carton without the nudge.

    Anyhow, it's good that the sun came out this afternoon. I think that the pool at your park might be ready for splashing by this weekend.

    Best wishes.

  6. Yes!
    I know your sister is soooo proud of you now!
    And I am sure you did a super job with that box too!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hi Buster, I love your mom's picture with the two curly dogs. That is a long tongue! I'm glad to see you're up to your art again. It's good to exercise some creative muscle!

  8. Dear Buster, you look very smart when you are thinking, and really you are!
    I like these pictures, keep thinking! :)

  9. Haha, Buster- your posts always make me smile, but especially this one. It is obvious that you are a creative and philosophical type, never mind what anyone else says. Btw, I think Atticus could be my new favourite of your friends - he has soulful eyes, like yours after the unfortunate salami incident. Your fan as always ...

  10. Buster, you are a dog of many expressions. My mum found the eyes on the one street fair dog a bit creepy, and sort of human looking. She said you may have been exceptionally creative and photo shopped them in. I said you do most of your work in cardboard. Sorry about the sandwich. Better luck next time! Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  11. That picture of you feeling bad about the sandwich is priceless. Sad, guilty and handsome all at once.

  12. You'll just have to be faster in the future, Buster ;o)

  13. pure Tolstoy!!!

  14. I love seeing your friends but it would be fine if it was all you
    you make my day Buster

    I'm glad your creative juices are flowing again

  15. Buster, I think you have enough material for your book right here.
    The pathos, the depth of feeling! By the way, the picture for your
    book jacket is perfect, very authoresque.

    PS - Those two dogs you met (one on right has a red bow) look
    like real characters. I would steer clear of them.

  16. Buster you are one cute and fine looking dog - and by the way, your treat grabbing expertise will improve over time, just needs practice.
    Pats and hugs

  17. Hi Buster! I miss your blog. Just went on several posts and I can see you are one of the luckiest dogs out there! You have so much fun every day. :o)

    And please, tell your mom that I think the 7th picture on this post deserves a price.. For real! It is gorgeous and makes me want to look at it all day!!

    ali :o)