Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hodges' B'day and other Things

This is a left-over photo from when it was rainy.

This is Hodges from his birthday which was the other day. He is now two so looks down on puppy stuff.

This is him and me in a joint portrait.

He can do cool tricks like shaking hands.

Mum and Dad taught Henry a new trick: that is pretending to be a dog and drinking out of the sprinkler. Professor Joba thought that was pretty funny.

This is Ruka that is a Patterdale terrier that is very unusual.

Me and my old friend Biggie who was at the park this morning.

He is meant to be  on a diet and slimming down, but I do not know if it is working.

This is Olive looking lugubrious which she is not really; she is pretty cheerful. This is just how her face is. You can see my fur in the background.

This is Hodges' Birthday portrait. He looks cool. 

Hope you are well and will have a good weekend.




PS: I have gone in for a Gund competition to make me into a stuffed animal (that I can maybe eat)
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  1. You have become so handsome, Buster. Henry is handsome in a whole other way. I always enjoy checking in to your blog to visit you and your friends and family.

  2. Oh Monsieur Poirot, it looks like you had a very watery and fun few days.
    I was thinking of Biggie and it was good to see him.
    I am so in love with Olive.
    Happy Birthday to Hodge.

    cheers, parsnip
    The Cabana Boys say woof !

  3. Dear Buster,

    Your left over picture is very nice. The Typist is gurgling over Olive again! She is threatening to find a dog that looks like her. What's wrong with ME? this is a bit disturbing to say the least. Maybe she just likes lugubrious dogs.

    Happy birthday Hodges! It's okay to look down on pups. I do it all the time.

    Hugs! Your friend, Georgia x

    Oh p.s. does Biggie read this blog? You're in so much trouble if he does, Buster! Busted!

    1. Biggie does not read too much. He is too busy resting on the bench!

  4. Ah Buster, handsome as always, and wow your Mum really did some really amazing portraits here today! Always nice to stop by and see what you've been up to. I hope the heat has lessened a little for you.

  5. Uh Oh-I think that your post has broken my person...She is all gooey with exclamations and sighs...Beyond good sense! Anyway- I love all of your friends and your little boy- Biggie looks...the same!

    1. Biggie IS the same......hmmm
      glad you like our puppy-boy
      he thought drinking from the sprinkler was pretty damn funny!

  6. Great photos, Buster! Love so much the first one with beautiful reflection.
    Happy Birthday to Hodge! He looks so cute on his portrait!
    Henry looks adorable as always!
    Buster, you are a lucky boy, you have a lovely family and good friends too.

  7. Hi Buster! I liked the artsy rainy day photo. I wish it would get rainy here, then I could roll in a puddle and mess up my new haircut. My mum and I send belated happy birthday wishes to Hodges. My mum really thinks he is a cutie and she is worrying about Biggie, coz we saw him on tv. Maybe you could tell us more about Ruka sometime. Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

    1. Ruka looks like a chocolate lab puppy but he will not grow much bigger.
      Patterdale terriers were bred in the north of England to work on farms.....maybe catching rats(?)
      He is very feisty and energetic and terrier-like!
      Poor Biggie is still too fat though a little bit slimmer.

      Hope you get some rain soon!

  8. I do like reading about your friends and your adventures, Buster. Please thank your Mum!

  9. Happy Birthday Hodges
    and hugs to all your wonderful friends Buster
    with a kiss thrown in for you

    that upside down world in the puddle makes for a great photo
    tell Mum I said so

  10. I voted! :) Such sweet portraits of everyone, especially of you and the puddle reflection!