Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some Things that Have Been Happening

My sister has gone home. This is me being sad on her bed that Mum has not stripped yet.

In case you do not know what my sister looks like, this is what she looks like when she puts her head through a thing at Carvel.

This is an artistic photo of my good friend Knutty

who sent me a really good present that is a flying pig. This made me feel better.

I was down at the dog run this morning.

So was Baxter.

This is us pretending we are watching a tennis match.

I hope you are having a good time too and that most of your family are in your house.




  1. I feel your sadness, my Boy is far away. When he comes home I can relax and play but when he is gone I worry...I think he will come through the door at any moment so my naps are with one eye open. When my mom goes to the store without me, I don't know for sure if I can take another breath! Your girl is lickable! I think I love her.

  2. I'm sorry that you were sad missing your sister. I'm sure she will come back. It's good that you have friends like Knutty to help you feel better. And I'm sore playing with Baxter helped too.

  3. Aw Buster, you are so photogenic. Your Mum did a fantastic photo of you and Baxter on the bench seat (first one) I love it.
    And don't be too sad, your sister will be back!

  4. pat, pat Buster. Sigh..its always too quiet when they go home.

  5. Buster, your sister is really pretty! :)
    Be careful with that pink flying pig, don't let it fly away! :)

  6. Buster, you and your sister are handsome and beautiful!

    Did I see a hula hoop in the picture with the dog pool? Do you and your friends know how to hula? That is a picture I would like to see. Maybe some of your parents use the hula hoop to entertain you all while you are sitting on that bench? Perhaps the tennis match is just a cover story.

    Best wishes.


  7. Hey Buster - We are going to be back with our pack very soon. it's been good having you with us , virtually, on the trip...

  8. I have too much family at my house Buster
    they're not all as lovely as your sister or as wonderful as you

    I like your tennis match shots
    and Knutty looks great

  9. Aww that sad face is just too sweet! That pig looks like a lot of fun to shake the sh*t out of. :)