Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nothing Much

In case you did not know, it is soon going to be Halloween, when you have to dress up, or else you don't. I do not much care either way. I think they are getting me a neck thing with bells on. It could be worse. 

photo by James Rubin
 This is me and Charlotte looking extra smart.

This is a picture of a picture in an old shop in England which is where Mum went. If it was a different color it could be me and one of my relatives. I was at home with Dad, so there was no one to help me with my verse. Just as well, you might be saying.

This is Tweed that is the very first dog Mum met in New York. This is her hoping for food.

This is Leroy that looks like a Fraggle.

This is me from the back cover of the book I haven't written yet. You can tell I am smart because I am reading The New Yorker.

Here I am today thinking about poems, but it is too much for me.

I hope your brain is working better.





  1. Buster it must be lovely to have your Mum home or perhaps you were having a pretty good time without her ;)
    I can only but imagine how excited you are at having a collar with bells on it!

  2. Buster, your author photo is very good.

    About Halloween disguises, try to keep the costume away from from eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and go along with the rest of it. As long as you can see, hear, breath and speak, you could still have lots of fun, and maybe even discover some new friends.

    Best wishes.

  3. Haven't seen much of your art work lately. Are you taking time off or have you met up with the dreaded NO INSPIRATION funk that hits most artists from time to time?

  4. Oh a book. How fun! I hope it has lots of pictures of you!

  5. Your book cover photo is quite grand. Very regal. Will your dad be the illustrator? I can hardly wait! Love Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  6. Wruf my buddy Buster, You have better weather at your dog park than here...I come home all soaked like when I get a bath except there are no suds and I still have my exquisite "perfume" ...My brother, who is no longer, replaced with a new puppy, don't like him but my Mom sure does...He is just a dumb baby.
    wags, Your pal, Dexter

  7. Hi Buster, I have have been hearing on the news here in Australia about Hurricane Sandy getting close to New York and I just wanted to send my best wishes to you and your family. Bec xx

  8. your book jacket is going to be fabulous!

    it's windy and scary here Buster
    I thought Sandy was a good dog from a Broadway show
    turns out she's a really nasty storm
    who knew?

    love ya

  9. Hello Buster, I hope you are OK in NY and haven't been too frightened by Hurricane Sandy. Keep safe and stay inside with your family. Ansell

  10. hope your paws are staying dry, and that mom and dad have enough kibble for you, and candles for them to be able to do people things... hoping all of you are safe!

  11. Hi Dear Buster, first of all, I am concern about you and I hope you haven't been scared with the hurricane Sandy. I saw on tv and it's really scary to see. I hope you, your Mom and Dad are well and safe.

    Love to see your friends. And you look always lovely.
    Big hug. :)

  12. Buster, I hope you and your family are all safe! Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.