Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not the Best Week by Buster

Me and my family are fine, in case you want to know. Henry and Gretchen have gone to their cousins. There are six children there. I am glad I am not there.

Me on Monday morning when it is still dark. I think a storm is coming.

so no one is around because they are waiting and waiting.

Then Mum and Dad said, "Let's go and look a the river."There was more water in it than usual.

This is one of my friends who was there too. He is saying hello to me.

Everyone was looking at the water.

Then I wanted to go home.

Then it rained and rained and rained and the wind blew a lot. Then the TV went off and the lights too.

Mum said, "You must be very brave, Buster and walk down the stairs in the dark." Mum said to Dad, "Should I wear my bike helmet?" I was brave on the stairs and Mum waved her iphone and it made a light. It is still the storm.

In the morning it was a mess.

Lots of trees had fallen down.

This is near my house on 24th St.

This is on 25th St.

Then we went in Roxy's lobby because Mum wanted to plug in her phone. Roxy has a 'generator' that makes electricity.
Then it was Halloween.

Dad is not pleased because he cannot watch "Trailer Park Boys".

This pictures is to scare you.

This is me watching Mum and Dad eat dinner.

When it is night time, instead of traffic lights, they wave sticks.

When I went to the dog park, there were a lot of leaves.

This is a notice I saw. I do not think it is funny.

These ladies asked my Mum if she needed dog food for me. She said, thank you, but we are OK.  If they had asked me, I would have said, "Thank you" and eaten it all.

I saw Massi on the street because they have now locked the dog park. Then the lights came on after 4 nights and I can go down stairs in the elevator.

A lot of clean up is still going on. Mum said not to look for rotting food.

This is me with my Dad today. That is what happened this week.

I hope your week was better.





  1. awwwwwwww Buster, The Square Ones knew your Mum and Dad would keep you safe but they are glad to see your fine and meeting your friends.

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  2. We are glad you all are fine! It must have been a scaring experience, and I can say that our week has been much better. Hugs from Norway and a mini schnauzer.

  3. Dear Buster, thank you for your very good report before, during and after the storm. It is the best that I've read. I'm glad you're all okay even though your dad missed his show. I hope your lights have come back on again. It must be quite cold too. Take care. Big hugs, Georgia X

  4. Edward, Apple and I have been worried about you, Buster!
    So happy to know you're alright.
    Such an adventure!!

  5. Have been thinking about you and your family and friends. The news reports here in the UK made it look scary. Glad you are OK.

  6. I am so glad you are OK, Buster. I have been checking your blog to see if you were OK.

    I am so sorry about your trees. They looked like very nice trees.

    You are lucky to have a Dad that loves you so much. I can tell he gives you very good belly rubs.

    Love from Ramses.

  7. Your dad looks like he's crying, and I don't blame him.


  8. Thank you for yuour report on Hurricane Sandy, I always know where to go for the facts!
    Very glad everyone is safe and that there were many kind people helping with power and dog food.

    Another large event NY has to experience as a community - hope this one unites everyone..

  9. We saw it on the big box- and my Mom said Oh Dear and did that thing with her hands...I was not worried because you are super dog! I am glad that all of that business did not get in the way of you watching your people eat dinner- I hope that they gave you some. When trees fall down they are scary- stay away from them when the river rises OK? I know these things because I saw it once!
    Your pal, DEXTER

  10. Hi Buster! I'm so glad you are all ok! I lived in the dark for a couple of days too. My mum kept complaining about not having any water, but I was glad, coz then there are no baths. I got to go to work with her, there were lots of people who wanted to give me treats. A tree fell across our street and some big trucks came today and put us in the dark again for a while. Now, I think, we are back to normal. I hope you are too! Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  11. I have been thinking of you Buster
    glad you're OK
    the cats (not mean) here have had a terrible week
    no power and it got cold
    I did my human best to comfort them


  12. This certainly was an eventful week, and really not the best, Buster - but I am so impressed by how well you seem to have coped with all these strange events!
    And how nice to see you looking so much happier at the end of your report! And not in darkness anymore!
    Hoping next week will be much better ...

  13. Buster, I like happy endings! What an exciting week we have had. Your week was more exciting than mine. You look very handsome by candlelight, but much happier in sunlight.

    My brother asked to send you a message for your dad that says, "a tropical earthquake blew through here or somethin." I am not sure what that means, but my brother thinks your dad will know.

    Best wishes.

  14. Thanks for sharing Buster, you've shared the story in a very real way I'm sure a lot more people who weren't there can relate all the more. Take care, glad your elevator is back!

    1. thank you for your good wishes!
      Yes, the elevator brings me great joy!warmest wishes

  15. Buster, I am also glad you and your family are fine (although our friend, Jo, had already given me the scoop), because I was worried about all of you. Thank your Mum for sharing the pictures. As you may know, I have moved to a town on another river, and have chosen not to have cable, which is fine except when there is BIG NEWS (like your recent adventure)or if I want to watch "Trailer Park Boys." I laughed very hard at the picture of your Dad being pennsive in the dark. I'll bet he was dreaming of all the cars that need to be towed and how he could help. I hope things are better there now.

  16. So glad to hear you guys made it through okay. That last photo is just the sweetest!

  17. HI Buster. I checked on you by asking another New York blogger if you were ok. I learned you didn't have electricity, but you were ok. I was glad. Very glad. Good for you for being brave.