Friday, February 22, 2013

Nothing Much new....

This is a collage of some of my friends:

Knutty and Biggie and Jasper and Darcy!

This is RukaBerry whose family wanted to know why he hadn't been in the blog.

That is mostly because he never sits still.....hee her

This is a dog sitting very very still because his family  is in the bagel shop
and he is waiting for them to come out.

This is me and Charlotte as per usual.

Mum and Dad have gone to Morocco
and left me alone with a friend staying in our house.

I will let you know how I get on.

I hope you are well.




  1. Hi Buster,
    You sure have really cool friends. I wish I had a dog park by where I live. We have to take a ferry ride for 40 minutes and then drive awhile to get to the closest one. You are lucky to see your pals so often! A puppy friend of mine grew six inches in between the time I saw him last. It's ok though because I have lots of room to run around here and my mom takes me to agility classes. I hope you don't miss your Mum and Dad too much, so try to keep having a good time and I'll talk to you later.

    Paws up from,
    Isla (mom wrote this for me)

  2. RukaBerry is a very worthy addition to your blog indeed! As always it's good to see your good old chums too. I hope your mum & dad are having a lovely time in Morocco and that they bring you a great present!

  3. Haha! You get people asking that too. I feel bad every time I miss someone from the dog park or when Georgia isn't in a mood to play and months go by without any good pics and stories of her friends. I also have to find out if the humans have a sense of humour before I write my stories. So far so good :)

    It doesn't look so cold anymore. Lucky you, to be in Morocco x

  4. Gorgeous pics Buster, your Mum is pretty clever. I like the little stories you tell about each photo too. Morocco?! Left alone?! You be a good boy now and dont take advantage of your sitter friend. As if you'd do that though.......

  5. Buster, Even when there's not much going on, I like to see pictures of you and your friends, and read what you have been doing. It's nice to know that you are OK.

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  7. Buster, it's good to see the photos of RukaBerry, but best of all to see more photographs of you.

    I imagine that you are having an interesting time while your Mom and Dad are away. I wish that you could take some photos!

    Best wishes.

  8. Love all photos, dear Buster!
    I hope Mom and Dad are having a great time in Morocco.
    Sounds you are having a great time with your friends too.
    Hugs and kisses.

  9. Nice to see you Buster. I really like your stylish fur coat. Your friends are handsome too.

  10. Hi Buster, I love your blog (Annabella sent me!) but please don't tell Archie you have a blog all of your own, he'll stop sharing his blog with me and I'll have to set up one of my own!

  11. I saw a cousin of Buster on the streets of Paris but not so beautiful.
    Please come visit!
    A fan xxxx

  12. RukaBerry is fun to say. It's a good day to be in Morocco since it's cold and rainy and grey here in New York, and in spite of the wet weather my lawn still looks like a desert. What I wouldn't give for a blast of North African sun!

  13. Hola!!!
    que bien encontrar un blog para nosotros, soy Hueso, vivo en Barcelona, antes vivia con Canarias, pero tambien estoy muy bien aqui, si quieres conocerme, te invito a mi Facebook soy HUESO QUESO, alli puedes ver mis fotos, por aqui no se como enviarlas, un saludo a tu mami de mi mami Liliana.

  14. I think dog sitting for you would be so wonderful
    Love all your friend
    RukaBerry is very pretty and her Dad clearly loves her

    have fun, no wild parties while Mum and Dad are gone

  15. Hello Buster...l`ve seen yr blog before but too slack to join your group or even talk to you..l love your kind- you know you are all much nicer than most of the humans l have met... We have seven dogs living here with us... Theres the retired show gundogs, Hahn & Rebsey.. Then theres Freds "other woman, " Jilly, then theres Miss Daisy ( shes actually a champion, l know , BORRRRRINNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG..00..We better not forget Tessika the SPOILT Jack Russell ( she thinks shes a show dog ( well Bler Bler )... Lastly but not least theres little "Baby" ( Sweet Violet), & VERY lastly there is MISS MIA, our sons spoilt girl dawg...Shes HUGE... Talk again soon, Best Wishes, from Martha in New England, Australia.