Monday, February 4, 2013

Sticks and Snows

Before it snowed again, there was a lot of wind

and a lot of rain came down and a lot of sticks came down from the trees.

This is good for me because I like to take them home.

This is me looking for sticks when it snowed again. I have got quite a good collection and you can come over and see them if you want. That is before they get thrown away.

It was windy on Saturday.

But we like the snow.

Especially Atty and Maggie.

This is Atticus being like a king that is important, and he could go to the Westminster Dog Show, but they would not let him in because he is a regular dog. Oh well.

This is Maggie and Olive looking artistic.

This is  also Maggie. You can tell it is her because she has an M on her collar.

This is Milo from the other day. 

And some other dogs that Mum took a picture of because that is what she does. 

We are still at the park in this picture.

Then James came with Charlotte and we are waiting for our snack.

I am home this morning

working on my stick project. I hope you are having fun too.





  1. Oh Buster, I wish I could be in a dog park where snacks are served! When we go out there is absolutly nobody serving snacks for us :( Plus I'm not allowed to take sticks into the house! My mum says I have to leave them in the garden. I guess New York must be the better place for dogs! Hugs from Polly

  2. Nice to have a hobby, Buster. Stick collection can leave you tired.
    Your Mom takes beautiful pictures.
    I love to see you and your friends having such a good time at the Dog Park.

  3. It's been awhile since we've seen your gallery of cardboard and stick creations. I can't wait! You are quite a sight in the wind with your boots....made my mum smile. I believe Maggie may be a distant cousin of mine. Love, Ozzy The Poodle in Penna.

  4. Like your sticks- we have so many that you would love- we live in sticks pretty much. I love your wind photo best- I think that you could probably fly. Glad you are working on a project- I am sorking on my SNOOZE project today- it is dark. It is wet. I can pretty much snooze for 48 hours !
    Dexter, your pal

  5. I love your blue booties.

    You look like you are having a lot of fun and have a lot of friend.

    My Mom took me to the dog park a few times, but I didn't like it. I was too scared one of those dogs would attack my Mom so I stayed right next to her guarding her the whole time. It wasn't much fun for me. So now I only go to my girlfriend Candy's house and we walk in her neighborhood and I meet all her friends: Hunter and Tucker. (There's Baron and Kula but I don't like them, they bark a lot and are scary.)

    Love from Ramses

  6. We have the same weather here in Germany!
    We love your windy photo with your blue shoes on!!! ♥
    Think all dogs LOVE snow.
    We go to bed now! Stay well!
    Beatrice and Gizmo

  7. what a great shot of you in the wind Buster! i know what you mean about your mom doing what she does. my humans are the same. they are like paparazzi! one day, they're going to meet some dog who's like russel crowe and then they're going to get into big trouble. hooroo! X

  8. Man, I HATE it when they throw away the great sticks I've collected.

  9. Hi Buster,
    I'd like to see your collection of sticks.

    Have a wonderful day!
    ♥ Franka and Luca

  10. Oh Buster, those photos were a real treat! I can't even figure out which I like the best. But, of course, they're usually the ones with you in them. Not that those other guys aren't cute, too. I think I love the first one best because it's so beautifully color-coordinated. But that one with the blue boots and the wind...!!!!

  11. Hello Buster.

    Please tell your mom how much I like the very first photo.

    I also like the picture of you and your pals waiting for a snack or two or three. Isn't it fun to get back indoors after all the excitement outside? That stick looks like a really good one.

    See you soon.

  12. Oh Buster!
    I have to say yr gorge coat and coloring are the perfect compliment and so aesthetically pleasing with New York snow, slush and grit.
    Honestly I could just look at pics of you all day long and forget yr pals!
    Unfortunately the blue booties are not so perfect but c'est la vie...

  13. Sticks are excellent and you are so lucky to bring them home! Good luck with your project!

    These pictures are wonderful! there is something about the snow (or maybe it's the lens!) that makes all the dogs look especially beautiful! King Atticus!

    Be safe and warm in this winter weather!

  14. regular dogs rock!!
    we don't need show dogs

    I bet you're loving the newest snow
    stay safe and warm