Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter and Some Other Things

As my human brother so famously said when he was my age (4). Parents are meant to take care of their children , not make fun of them...... Oh, well.....

The sun was shining this morning

so I am all back-lit and elegant.

Guess who came to the park after such a long time? Oskar that looks a bit like me if my legs were short.

He has got very handsome fur too.

This is Professor Joba that has got a lot of fur. 

This is Atty that does not

Jada is like Atty.

Guess what happened to Biggie? He had a wart off. He is now better and does not have a pink thing on his foot any more, you will be glad to hear.

The one with his mouth open is Baxter, the brown one is a puppy called Morris and the nose is Sergeant.

More Baxter and Morris

and more still.

This is Dotty that has started coming to the park

and Charlotte and Morris and Chloe who has got an 'up' hairstyle like me.

My toys are not in good shape. I hope I get some new ones soon.

I hope you are well and will have a 






  1. You are very handsome Buster. And your friends all seem very happy and loved. As we all should be.
    Happy Easter to you and your family. And to everyone!!

  2. Buster you have some lovely looking friends, some luckier than others with nice winter coats! (Me-thinks your Mum was definitely making fun of you in the first picture with that kiss-curl/updo on top of your sweet head.) Ah, the things we do.......
    Oh Buster perhaps your Mum will read this and be inspired to get you some new toys - pooooor boy! And especially you being a c.e.l.e.b.r.i.t.y.
    Pats and hugs


  3. Love to hear your news, Buster! Happy Easter

  4. R U wearing hair jell? I think it's attractive...makes you look Frenchie IMHO.

  5. Boy, Buster, this was a great post!!! Lots of neat-o photos, they make me wish I was at the park too! My mum said that she calls your hair-do The Alfalfa. I don't know what that means but she does it to me too. I'm going to tell her about what your human brother said, you'd know why if you saw her blog. Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Penna.

  6. Hello Buster.

    It's good to be introduced to your new pals. I bet that the Easter Bunny might bring you a new toy or two.

    Best wishes for a Happy Easter!

  7. Has anone explained to Buster the difference between a toy and an hors d'ouvre?

  8. Happy Easter to you and yours too, Buster! Here's hoping the Easter Bunny is generous. :)

  9. wuf king B,

    bossy woman makes that with my hair when it's wet. we just have to bear with them, they do give us treats, right?

    i have a lot of toys that you could play with, but bossy woman tells me off when i tear them apart, so i try not to. there was this monkey that i liked a lot and i got its leg off. now i play with the leg because the put rest of the monkey to a shelf i can't reach. i also got a new monkey, it still has all legs and eyes too.

    i thought you would like to know that we still have plenty of snow and that it was -6C this morning and that i got a lamb bone for dinner yesterday.

    happy easter!

    please, say hi to charlotte

  10. I like your 'up-do' in the first shot, it's a bit like a feathery mohawk and that makes you very cool
    so many friends Buster - all looking so happy in the sun and so loved
    that makes me happy
    I'm glad that Biggie's foot is better

    Happy Easter Buster
    I am sure the bunny will bring you some new toys

  11. Love the hairstyle, Buster!
    Poor Biggie!
    Wishing you a happy Easter and hoping you get some chocolate or at least a new toy :)

  12. Happy Easter dear Buster to you and to your loved ones!
    So nice to see all your friends.
    Love you, dear Buster, you always look adorable!